Mark Cuban wants a law mandating peer fact-checking for news networks


Billionaire left-winger Mark Cuban tweeted that he would like to see honest, factual news to reduce the partisanship in the country. That’s a great idea, but the way he wants to do it will probably violate the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The NBA Dallas Mavericks owner said he would back a FACT-CHECKING REQUIREMENT for NEWS NETWORKS. The news networks are left-leaning or far-left with few exceptions.

He is suggesting controlling speech by law. That would replace our First Amendment illegally.

Cuban tweeted, “Any politician that says they will push for a law that says no tv or streaming network can brand,market or name themselves a News Network unless the 6 most viewed hours of every night is >80% fact checked news and opinion is clearly labeled as opinion only, gets my vote.”

“IMO, It would reduce the partisanship in this country almost overnight,” he said in a follow-up tweet.

We would only get left-wing news. That’s not how it is supposed to work.

This is so very, very dangerous and unconstitutional, at least in spirit. People should be free to watch and read what they want without the overseers of the left deciding if it’s fake. It would circumvent the First Amendment. Americans must never give up their freedoms to anyone.

Cuban posted the FTC guidelines. Basically, he wants left-wing news networks to substitute for FTC review instead of just filing a complaint with the FTC. He wants this law to enable the news media to circumvent the allegedly impartial agency.

Cuban wants the fact-checkers to ‘peer review.’ He thinks the left-wing reporters can do the peer-reviewing. Perhaps Mr. Cuban has no idea of the bias in media today.

Peer-review would be a recipe for corruption. Since the media is almost wholly in the pocket of the Democratic Party, we could call this state-sponsored media in no time. Unfortunately, the media takes advantage of their special protections under the constitution.

Many of his followers just love the idea! Not a shock! The next two tweets come from a left-wing political strategist. He thinks we need to preserve respect for the [arrogant] Fourth Estate.

We already have this on social media. Someone tell Dennis.

Not Everyone Liked the Idea

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