Mark Levin: Americans Will Stand Up or We Won’t Get Our Country Back


Our culture has been completely transformed and it might be irretrievably so if we don’t recognize the danger and react to it, at least that is the view of Mark Levin.

Mark Levin believes conservatives will become vocal in what he calls a post-Constitutional period.

“We’re being attacked on all fronts, including from within the conservative movement. The whole immigration system has been destroyed in order to change the nation from within,” he said on his show Tuesday.

We have a phony environmental system and so many laws that no one even knows what is in them but people are being hurt by them and jobs are being lost.

Levin didn’t mention this but the government agencies are writing laws, a power reserved only for Congress.

Levin talked about our burgeoning debt which will soon stand at $20 trillion. All the president does is demand more spending and all the congress does is raise the debt ceiling. There is no end in sight.

We had two major elections to stop this and nothing happened.

Levin said it is time for Americans to stand up and say “no more.” As Levin says, we have every right to do so.

He called our judiciary tyrannical and they are. How five justices got to the gay marriage decision was to ignore state constitutions, state laws, and the will of the people. If the decision was right or not right is secondary to how they got to the decision which was absolutely wrong. The Supreme Court thinks they too can write law.

We live in a country where people have to work long past retirement age so their tax money can go to support people who won’t work or people who are sneaking into the country illegally. People like Kim Davis who didn’t do her job because of religious beliefs is sent to jail but a sheriff who didn’t do his job doesn’t go to jail. We make deals with terrorists and walk away with nothing but give them $150 billion with which to wage war against the U.S., our military,  and our allies. Any part of the Constitution that the president wants to violate, he can do freely while the Congress ignores it. Police are under fire and hate groups are catered to by the Democratic party.  The debt ceiling will undoubtedly be raised again this fall as we head for economic Armageddon.

People must stand up.


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Gennie Elliott
Gennie Elliott
6 years ago

America is in GREAT DANGER. Americans must unite. We must take our Country back. our Rights are being taken away. We have a so called President, that is destroying America. Congress & Senate, have turned their backs on American Citizens. Climate Control, is only a COVER-UP. The worse enemy America has is Obama & he is sitting in our White House, he is not American born, he is using another persons SS number. Iran Nuclear Deal is the worse deal, Obama, with ( if this deal goes through) he will put millions & millions of lives in danger. Obama, is EVIL, he will not stop, to get this deal passed. American Citizens, must take our Country back. He wants to take our guns, just before he declares Martial Law. Hitler done this, just before WW II. What about JADE HELM, will we be put in concentration camps? How much more will American’s take? What about Muslims & Mexicans, that are here Illegal? Obamacare ? This so called President is out of control & he must be stopped. What about our Military, being cut back? Obama, & others, have put our Law Enforcement lives in great danger. What about our debt? Obama is lawless. I could go on & on, but you know what I am saying.