Mark Levin Calls Out ABC News’ Phony Journalist George Stephanopoulos


Mark Levin bashed abc faux News and George Stephanopoulos for the recent scandal which Levin calls “a major media scandal” worse than the Brian Williams scandal.

It is bad but it’s no surprise to me. Stephanopoulos was a hatchet man for the Clintons ever since they came onto the political scene. George used to warn Bill’s female victims to keep quiet if they ever hoped to stay in politics.

Stephanopoulos was never a journalist but now he masquerades as one and anyone who wasn’t around or wasn’t paying attention in the ’90s, doesn’t realize he’s just a shill for the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

I never thought much about it because most of the mainstream news has been corrupted. As Levin says, the media serves as the Praetorian Guard for the Democrats and the leftists.

This is more brazen than usual because he has given a total of $75,000 to The Clinton Money Laundering Foundation over the past three years all while bullying George Romney, Peter Schweizer and others on the right. He was actually going to moderate the debates in 2016.

When are they going to ask Charles Krauthammer or Judge Napolitano to moderate?

Levin does a good job of going after the corruption in the video. He pointed out that ABC News has decided to not take action against him. How can they? They hired him to be a shill for the Democrats. That’s why he’s there.

Stephanopoulos gave an arrogant and disingenuous apology today and pulled out of the debate moderation. He needs to pull himself out of all 2016 coverage but, then again, most of the media would have to do the same.



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