Mark Levin: The Reds Are ‘Saving’ Us From Capitalism



If you don’t know anything about the Degrowthers, you need to. They are the New Reds and they have taken over the climate movement which could easily take over the U.S. The Reds have always been behind the climate change movement but they now have a new approach to selling it called “Degrowth.”

The Degrowther movement is a very popular movement in Europe, especially in France. The ideology promotes the notion that prosperity can be achieved without economic growth. They are intimately tied to the climate change movement.

A new book, Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era proposes an economy to replace Capitalism. Economic growth should be abolished as a social objective – it’s bad for the environment, the authors assert. They and their followers believe Capitalism is on self-destruct and what they want to replace it with is a form of Communism.


Mark Levin reviewed the book last night on his show and it is very alarming, not only because it’s Communism and it’s popular in Europe and has a great deal of political support, but because the purveyors of this ideology are advising people like Pope Francis who will influence Americans. It’s an ideology embraced by Greece, unsurprisingly. One might recognize Obama’s policies in the ideology.

It’s hard to believe this insanity is taken seriously but it is and it is an existential threat to Capitalism.

Degrowth does not call for doing less of the same. The objective is not to make an elephant leaner, but to turn an elephant into a snail, they write.

They’re certifiable but even so it is the ideology we see being touted by the sustainability movement.

Mark Levin rattled off their goals: massive redistribution, economic contraction, forced integration through open borders, elimination of competition, they want a “living wage” and a work week of 20 hours per week, they hope to bring material production back to the level of the 1960s and they want a return to small scale farming, they insist upon a moratorium on technological innovation, re-orientation of science to the new aspirations aka the communist global warming movement.

They want anti-Capitalism, post-Capitalism, or anything that is not Capitalism, which they don’t seem to understand is the most successful economic system in known history.

“Imagine the power, folks, and the power of the police state necessary to enforce this form of autocracy,” Levin warned.

Ayn Rand, born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum, 1905 – 1982

Ayn Rand in The Return of the Primitive knew the heart of these climate extremists over forty years ago.

She described this general movement as “the anti-industrial revolution movement”. It is Totalitarianism, it is Communism.

Mark Levin quoted from the book which is both prescient and brilliant:

“Instead of their own promises that collectivism would create universal abundance and their denunciations of Capitalism for creating poverty, they are now denouncing Capitalism for creating abundance. Instead of providing comfort and security for everyone, they’re now denouncing people for being comfortable and secure.

The demand to restrict technology is the demand to restrict man’s mind. It is nature, that is reality that makes both these goals impossible to achieve.

Technology can be destroyed and the mind can be paralyzed but neither can be restricted. Whether and whenever such restrictions are tempted, it is the mind, not the State that withers away.

To restrict technology would require omniscience, a total knowledge of all the possible effects and consequences of a given development for all the potential innovators of the future.

Short of such omniscience, restrictions mean the attempt to regulate the unknown, to limit the unborn, to set rules for the undiscovered, a stagnant technology is the equivalent of a stagnant mind, a restricted technology is the equivalent of a censored mind. “

“The Degrowthers would de-industrialize advanced economies, destroy modernity, turn plenty into scarcity. The Degrowthers reject experience, knowledge and science for a paradoxical abstraction while claiming to have mastered them all,” Levin said making the obvious correlation between Ayn Rand’s world of forty years ago and today.

“Ultimately, for the fanatical among them,” Rand warned, “the ultimate purpose is revolution and transformation. The environment is incidental if not extraneous to their central mission.”

Levin quoted Naomi Klein, a Communist agitator who is an important force in this movement. Levin didn’t mention that she is now a treasured adviser to Pope Francis who has also complained about Capitalism, competition, modernity and who wants massive redistribution, “living” wages, equalized incomes, severe restrictions on technology, and extreme climate change requirements that are leveled primarily against the United States and other “rich” Western nations.

Being a Catholic, this is hard for me to say, but I hope the Pope’s popularity goes to zero on political issues.

Klein 3

Naomi Klein wrote a dangerous, Communist-inspired book titled, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.

Levin quoted from a recent interview of Naomi Klein. He described her as an influential radical climate activist, a fanatical anti-Capitalist, and the daughter of Communists – all accurate.

During a recent interview she stated, “Capitalism increasingly is a discredited system because it is seen as a system that values greed above all else. There is a benefit to climate discussion to name a system that lots of people already have problems with for other reasons. I don’t know why it’s so important to save Capitalism, a pretty battered brand. Just focusing on climate isn’t getting us anywhere either. Many, many more people recognize the need to change our economy but if climate can be our lens to catalyze the economic transformation that so many people need, for others’ even more pressing reasons, that may be a winning combination. This economic system is failing the vast majority of people. Capitalism is waging war on the planet’s life support system.”

As Levin said, “So, the Reds have taken over the environmental movement. That’s what so-called climate change and global warming are all about,” he concluded.

The modern environmental movement is the degrowth movement. It is the anti-Capitalist, anti-individual movement that has as its purpose the destruction of the United States of America because we are the most impressive, advanced society on earth.

Greenpeace - where degrowth began

The Degrowth movement was allegedly birthed by U.S.-born degrowth-hippies who settled in Canada to escape military service during the Vietnamese war.

Greenpeace grew out of their hatred for war and I’d add, America, and their love of extreme environmental advocacy. That’s how Greenpeace got its name – combining peace and environment. They want a peaceful response by any nation in all situations no matter the threat, like our president. The originators of Greenpeace were among the first Degrowthers who started the radical environmental movement according to Greenpeace itself.

The Degrowth movement has been around for decades and has eaten away at the fabric of our system.

When Degrowthers throw out the propaganda, you won’t see alarming communist symbols because they’ve evolved.


The following photos are what they’ve evolved into. It’s far more deceptive. There are no commie fists, there are beautiful, smiling children playing and there are catchy slogans like you can’t save the planet by shopping.

degrowther propaganda

The Only Sustainable Growth is Degrowth

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7 years ago

Please see, How Capitalism Self-Destructs. Thank you, Eric.

Pete Wolcott
Pete Wolcott
7 years ago

The “degrothers” use a popular topic of ‘climate change’ which is based on junk science to pedal their doctrine. Capitalism is the ONLY system that benefits ALL levels of society. ‘A raising tide lifts all boats.’ Capitalism=prosprity, Degrothers= mass poverty.

“Ill take Capitalism, for $500, Alex.”

Jake Summer
Jake Summer
7 years ago

Well, if the protection of nature now is a “communist agenda” I guess I have to call myself a communist. Every capitalist should realize that nature is actually what provides the resources we need for living, so they’d better care for it instead of calling people that do communists. And if we fail to tackle the problem of climate change that will lead not only to the suffering of many people, more immigration because people will have to leave their countries but also to a the destruction of huge parts of the global economy.

Harris C
Harris C
7 years ago
Reply to  Jake Summer

No One is saying it’s communist to protect nature. You’ve bought into the extremism and the insanity of it all.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jake Summer

Stop being a sheep! Even the founder of greenpeace has resigned because he saw the movement was taken over by Marxists. And by the way we need CO2 to maintain life. They want us all living in huts and riding bikes while the Gores, Obamas, Clinton’s and the like live like billionaires. And these hypocrites have become wealthy by not producing or inventing one thing they’ve done it by theft. All they want is to steal and redistribute to who they see fit it’s called Communism and it will end up with us at the end of a gun and millions dead because that is what always happens. Let’s not forget the destruction of innovation.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jake Summer

you missed the point….what is your proof and i don’t mean MSLSD or CNN?……climate change is controversial at best IF you have an open mind which is not a characteristic of progressivism especially on this topic……you are acting as Lenin said as a ‘useful idiot’ for some pretty demented people…….

7 years ago
Reply to  Jake Summer

Since there are no longer any real Communist governments on Earth, “Communist” means anything a political bloviator wants it to mean.