Mark Levin Describes the Chinese Government Hacking as an ‘Act of War’


Mark Levin discussed the “Chinese hackers” on his show this evening, pointing out that they are not hackers, they are the Chinese government. They compromised the records of over 4 million federal workers.

We can’t protect ourselves from these serious incursions.

China has been stealing our technology from us to build weapons.

He talked about the military buildup in the South China Sea in the audio.

Levin described the attack as an act of war while the administration is unilaterally disarming us on every front. “The Republicans – they hand him all the power he wants, all the power he wants,” he said.

  • It might be unnecessarily skeptical, but what’s to say the Obama administration did not perceive the threat, but allowed it to happen, to use as a rationale to argue for more stringent “cyber-security?” Details are leaking about the nature of the control given away to TPP nations, which may include China, and THAT doesn’t seem to be a problem, even for Republicans. Grrrrrr.

    I don’t trust ANY of them as far as I could throw them.