Mark Levin Explains Why Bernie Sanders Is Dangerous and Not Simply a Fool



It’s a disgrace that every young person in America doesn’t go to college for free according to Bernie Sanders, the socialist.

Mark Levin points out in the audio below that about two-thirds of the people in this country never went to college and they perform other vital jobs in our country. Not every kid wants to go to college.

Levin believes Bernie Sanders is dangerous for young people because, without a single thought, he steals from the future. There is no money for free college. We don’t have a balanced budget. You can’t compartmentalize these things, Levin says.

Sanders is a socialist fraud who is pretending he stands for the young but he will provide the crushing debt that will destroy their future.

Levin doesn’t hold back. “We are already in the hole and one day the debt will be a catastrophe”. “Sanders and the other nut jobs are driving this nation off the cliff” with their freebies.

None of it is free.

Our generation is stealing from these kids, we can’t let this continue, and we need to stop it. This is not about providing free college or standing up for young people, none of the left does.

Levin wants to know what are they going to do about the burden they created. Bernie will push to raise the minimum wage, push the climate agenda contracting the economy, but that’s for another discussion and right now we have an obligation to put an end to this.

There is no downside for the two political parties to loot the future to pay for these impossible programs that the utopian state seeks to put into place, he warns.

Sanders wants a fundamental change with his College for All Act that will give everyone the education they deserve and need, Sanders claims, though what they will actually get is indoctrination, not what they need, Levin believes.

Sanders supposedly cares about the young people. Is that why he pushes illegal immigration and the minimum wage so the young can’t get jobs? Levin asks.

Today, young people are graduating with science and tech degrees – STEM – but they can’t find jobs because of crony capitalism. We import our labor because it’s cheaper.

The students have massive debt, can’t find jobs because of public policy by Democrats and Republicans. The answer isn’t free college and Bernie Sanders isn’t the answer – he’s the problem.



  1. The economy loses $100 billion a year due to corporations not paying up. Why is that never mentioned by critics of liberals?

  2. The Socialist Left and the Pink Code Republicans are a disgrace. They have no consideration for future Generations having to carry the burden of an unsustainable National Debt Crisis.

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