Mark Levin Explains Why the Fox Debate Was a ‘Spectacle’


Fox interviewers

A total of 24 million turned into the Fox debate Thursday night, setting a record for any cable station ever. Fox boasted of it all day Friday, seemingly unaware that it was Trump who lured the viewers in.

The moderators took up a third of the time with their questions. The two candidates with the most time after the moderators – Jeb Bush and Donald Trump – only received 7 minutes each.

As Mark Levin said on his show this evening, it was about Fox and it wasn’t about the candidates.

Our country is slowly turning into a Third World rathole and Fox wasted precious air time on gotcha and gossipy questions that forced Republicans into a defensive posture as opposed to providing them with the opportunity to explain their platforms.

Mark Levin pointed this all out this evening and he also did something no one else has been doing, he gave the background to the second gossip question asked by America’s Sweetheart turned mean girl, Megyn Kelly.

The background is very important and you might want to listen to the audio below. We had no context to the question asked and it’s unfair to present something that potentially damaging out of context.

That second question, Levin believes, ruined the debate.

While I’m not promoting Donald Trump, I am promoting the idea that everyone on that stage should have been treated fairly and equally.

The 24 million viewers is meaningless. It was a one shot deal.

Levin pointed out that we had serious candidates on that stage, trying to save this country from the disaster left by this disastrous presidency.

Levin said the debate was “unserious” and “disrespectful” to the candidates and to the audience. “In many respects, it was a spectacle, Levin said.

Levin noted that the afternoon debate was respectful and Carly Florina came out of it very well as did the moderators.

This debate wasn’t about Fox and 24 million viewers, this was about our country, to paraphrase what Levin said.

Levin wants to know why the candidates were hammered for their pro-life stance.

Why was anyone hammered? Isn’t that something that should be left to the Democrats?



    • Do you still like Megyn Kelly. I don’t ever want to watch her again. Every one that this sickened on following Fox (already CNN was a no-no for me), should try Newsmax.

        • I agree, more of the “offended” group I guess. Waste your time on being offended by something big. Mr. Trump lacks class, something that cannot be bought. Sorry Donald.

          • That’s what this country needs. Trump tells it like it is. He holds no punches. He’s perfect for president. Trump has my vote….

          • Fox and Ms. Kelly set Trump up plain and simple. THAT Ellen, was classless. Maybe Ms. Kelly and Eric Erickson and the other right wing phony “conservatives” should place their indignation where it belongs.
            I’m sick of the media and media personalities choosing our candidates for us … yet there are folks like little Ellen here who are above regular folks … at least in their own minds. Just little sheep. Sorry Ellen … you’ve already been bought.

            • What is sad that the entire Republican Party and Fox have nothing better to do no better actual intellectual strategy than to the gang up on Donald Trump they want to force a convention so they can handpick person they want in. bottom line Donald Trump is going to get past this otherwise you can look forward to Hillary Clinton being your president. More people are going to vote for Trump after this very desperate low level gang attack. Talk about Sophomoric

          • Trump has lots of class if you can’t handle straight talk maybe your the one who lacks class.You need to watch the news more to see what refugee are doing to innocent people.Trump is just stating facts that’s why I respect him.He doesn’t cheat by using pollsters.

      • Megyn has been getting a little big for her britches lately and I noticed this prior to the “debate.” I have been becoming more dissatisfied with Fox News, too much touchy feely stuff and not enough in-depth reporting on some of the big issues. It seems to be about their “stars” now and not so much the news. However, Fox is still better than CNN, MSNBC, and the alphabet news channels. I might give Newsmax a try.

    • What is sad that the entire Republican Party and Fox have nothing better to do no better actual intellectual strategy than to the gang up on Donald Trump they want to force a convention so they can handpick person they want in. bottom line Donald Trump is going to get past this otherwise you can look forward to Hillary Clinton being your president

  1. I never want to see Megyn Kelly do another debate. She ruined this one. She went Candy Crowley on Trump. This woman isn’t a journalist, she is a bad lawyer who was sent to be a hatchet woman against the non establishment, either through gotcha questioning or ignoring others.

  2. Boycott Fox. We won’t put up with these kind of charades any longer. We are much more sophisticated then you pompous pundits think.

  3. Lost all respect for fox.

    Not sure what they are trying to do.

    Their treatment of these candidates and general direction with questions was very disappointing.

    I have not watched fox since the debate and don’t know if I ever will.

    What happened to we report you decide?

      • What happened to the debate, so called
        It wasn’t much of a debate. It was more of an attack on Donald Trump. Didn’t give some candidates the time of day
        I don’t think you reached your goal against the Donald. I could say more but I bet most of it you have already heard

  4. I felt like the whole debate was purposefully designed to benefit the Democratic (Communist) Party. I couldn’t believe the quality of the questions or the joking, disrespectful, cavalier attitudes of the moderators. Megyn Kelly just went down several notches in my opinion…

  5. How guallable do they (Fox) think the American public has become. I have always held Megan Kelly in the highest esteem but not now. Bimbo – probably not but gullable – yes. Let her bosses lead her down a path of destruction on this one. But this why we like Trump – maybe a little rough but lives in the real world. Rough is what this country needs – wake up call folks if we don’t get rough we won’t be here in five years

  6. Personally, I liked the format better than previous “debates” I’ve seen. It would have been nice for each candidate to have gotten more time, but that’s tough when you’ve got limited time and a bunch of candidates. There will be more “debates” so we can sort it all out over time. I didn’t think the moderators picked on Trump. He’s set up the questions with his past comments and behavior. We need to know where he stands on a lot of things, not just illegal immigration. If Mark Levin didn’t like the format or moderators, maybe he and Hannity should arrange their own “debates” and invite only those candidates they think are worthy. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

  7. Kelly,Wallace and Baier were just doing what Fox approved or what they wanted to for their ratings.Can you say back fire.Hope Foxes sponsers pay attention to ratings I sure did.I as long time watcher will get my news else were.

    • This countries devastating plaque is the professional (ruling class) politicians and not a word addressing it or Term limits from anyone?!?!

  8. megyn ruined the whole debate, if fox was after trump they should done it on a personal time. not a debate. megyn to me looked like a horses butt an showed

  9. If Meygn had a personal vendetta against Donald Trump she should have saved it for off the air. Very unprofessional to be so rude to people who are trying to save this country from disaster. Won’t watch Fox anymore!!

  10. Meghan Kelly is more concerned with her looks & opinions than anyone else’s. I couldn’t imagine how Fox passed her to an important show over many more outstanding hosts they have. Fox is as guilty as Megan. 24 million ratings ? That will soon be a dim memory. They will probably lose faithful viewers over this. I know 4 of them personally. P.S. I am a registered Republican & I ALWAYS VOTE.

  11. I really liked Kelley when she first started out but now she seems more about herself than actually getting the information the public is looking for. I also got the feeling that she thought her behavior was cute and amusing. She and the fox debate as a whole was a failure we need serious issues discussed and I really wanted to here from more than two candidates.

  12. Lay off Megyn. While I was surprised by the question, it was fair. Wise up people, do you not think the libs are going to throw everything at whoever is the candidate? If Donald was offended, get over it dude. These times are not for the faint of heart. Mr. Trump is earnest, however I fear he suffers from a Messianic complex and Lord knows we have had our full of that the last 6 years. Megan is a lady and Brett and Chris are the best there is on tv news. Pull in your horns Levin, sounds a wee bit like the green eyed monster to me. Be at peace.

  13. I felt that Megyn in the last few months has become somewhat arrogant. She is fast approaching Obama. This to me was very evident in the thing they called a debate. I watch Megyn almost every night, but this will come to a halt. I am not a particular fan of Trump, but it looked like they were out to get him. I favor Kasich at this time, even though he is a long shot. The other moderator I was disappointed with was self righteous, I am never wrong, Chris Wallace. In my humble opinion, I think Fox blew this one.

  14. Mark – I found the Fox questions totally aligned to what I as a Republican need to know! Trump cries about the world being too Politically Correct yet chokes and screams foul on soul searching questions! You may not care of the depth of a candidates character but I want more the their press release profile.

    If Trump does not want to answer questions related to his bankruptcies (I am from Atlantic City where he killed the business’ of many of my friends yet boasts he did alright); or address why he feels it is okay to demean women, then he should drop out! While you don’t care, the general public desires to understand which Trump is asking for our support!

    Your approach in blaming FOX does not reflect positively on your own intellect!

  15. I am so disappointed with Meyn Kelly that she would degrade herself like that. She should be off her show. Every candidate reserves respect and she did not show any towards Donald Trump. Shame on her I will not watch her show every again. She uses poor judgment and is an embarrassment to Fox network.

  16. I am so tired of Fox News ! My 23 year old son that just graduated from college said that I was crazy if I ever watched them again or thought that anything they said was real or important. He’s right… it is getting as bad as a reality show. They do not care about us… they only want ratings based off of how much trash they can stir up. Megan… you make me sad… you lowered yourself to talk trash. Even if any questions you asked were true… you didn’t ask the important ones. You are just putting on a show to get attention and you did. Good bye Fox News…. I need to get real information !

  17. I would like to hear more specifics from Trump on what he plans and how he intends to execute them. I would like to see another debate. Screw proper form or procedure. All this showboating and once again it’s the American people that are shortchanged. Whatever happened to tuning in the news for news, and not entertainment?

  18. Fox is OUT for me. For good. And One America News Network makes it easy. If you don’t get OAN, ask your cable provider to carry it.

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