Mark Levin – If We Don’t Win in 2016, We’re Never Going to Win


Mark Levin said last Thursday on The Sean Hannity Show that if Republicans – Conservatives – don’t win in 2016, they might never win.

That is certainly true as Barack Obama pours foreigners into the country who are not being assimilated into our values and who are being signed up to the Democratic Party as soon as they enter the country.

Hannity asked, If you were running against Hillary, they’ve gotten away with so much in the past. Do you focus on the scandals or focus on how to get 93 million Americans back in the labor force, 50 million Americans off food stamps and out of poverty. Do you focus on the debt and deficit, securing the boarding, do you focus on energy? You have to have a positive agenda and tell people how to get them back to work and stop robbing her kids.

Levin said:

I think you have to do both. I don’t think the candidate should get into e-mails and what it said on May 12th, 2014. You can leave that to surrogates and others.

I think the key here is to have a principle conservative message to connect with the blue collar and other collar democrats. To keep the base. To connect with the American people. And to have a positive, strong, consecutive, principled message.

Now is the time.

To promote our position and to contrast it with the left. The Obama economy, let alone the foreign policy, they’ve been a complete and utter disaster. The Democrats want to do more of the same. Tax, debt, illegal immigration, kill the currency, leave our allies on their own, stand back and watch genocide. This is a record.

If we can’t win this time around, I don’t think we’re ever going to win.

Mark Levin asked a good question recently. Why didn’t and why doesn’t the media vet this sketchy president who is ruining the country and creating havoc in the Middle East.

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Bill Jones
Bill Jones
7 years ago

Levin and his ilk, the Israel first traitors, are a worse alternate than the socialists