Mark Levin Makes the Case: We Are Under ‘Martial Law’ Already




The United States under this administration is currently not engaged in the pursuit of liberty or equality of opportunity, rather, ours is a country pursuing social engineering and redistribution to equalize the end results of every single thing that takes place.

Barack Obama and his team are social engineering the nation into a utopian vision that has little relation to what our Founding Fathers foresaw when they developed our Constitution.

Barack Obama is diversifying so-called wealthy neighborhoods seemingly without any authority to do so. He’s directly addressing the suburbs which he sees as white and privileged.

He believes there is one pot of resources and the suburbs are stealing them from the urban areas. He seeks to remedy that and equalize all resources.

The standard the left is using to end discrimination is based on the end result not the intentions. They want equal outcomes in other words.

The mainstream media has been largely silent on the issue. Obama can do anything he wants and few with a megaphone question any of his actions.

Barack Obama’s purpose in opening our borders is to change the culture of America and to garner Democratic voters to bring about a Utopia. A new population of malleable people can make that happen. He doesn’t care about the damage caused by sanctuary cities because it furthers his agenda.

Meghan Kelly addressed the issue of his attitude on sanctuary cities last evening on her show.

Using the phrase of the left, Mark Levin said on his radio show that Obama is pushing the “browning of America.” He supports open borders, has not spoken out against the sanctuary cities despite mayhem and murder.

He said he’s destroying our healthcare system, he’s destroying everything.

He added that now he’s specifically targeting the suburbs, he’s nationalized local police departments. Without authority, he’s doing whatever he wants.

Levin believes we already have martial law in this country.

“That’s martial law. We’ve had a silent coup in this country,” Levin said.

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7 years ago

modern liberalism kills slowly & quietly

it has no mercy or concern for its victims

it gloats and celebrates the destruction and death of its victims

it dances on their graves, while it sells them the false hope of resurrection through communism

7 years ago

i have already been ruined financially by modern liberalism

it is insidious, it is everywhere, it kills slowly and quietly

i have two daughters who look like kate steinle

i’m still trying to save them, but it’s an uphill battle

David Montaigne
David Montaigne
7 years ago

RL’s comment above – why is he still alive? – maybe because he won’t be killed by human agency, but just after the Second Coming.
There really is a ton of evidence pointing to a date when his identity will be revealed to everyone on Earth. Read:
Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

7 years ago

Statement we would love to hear from somebody who wants to be president : “If I had a daughter, she would look like Kate Steinle.”

robert lockman
robert lockman
7 years ago

Why is he still alive unless protected by neo. Guess I will be raptured before his satantic mission is completed