Mark Levin – Marxists Use Illegal Immigration to Destroy the Identity of America



Just in the last few months, 500,000 illegal aliens applied for drivers licenses in California; Illegal aliens are eligible for tax credits and can go back and redo their tax returns for three years; about 39,000 illegal alien children have come in recently to join their illegal alien parents in the U.S.; one man in Pinal County, Arizona has been deported 20 times (it’s an expensive proposition); we are paying for the flights of – not only illegal alien children – but adults as well; and our politicians are calling for more work visas while all this is going on.

Americans don’t want this but it doesn’t matter, the Marxists who are voted into power and the weak members of the opposition either want it or won’t fight it.

Mark Levin described it this way on his show. It is  “the complete evisceration of American citizenship to destroy the identity of America I’m not talking about the racial identity, the identity, hearts, soul, history of America, culture of America. It’s being done by left-wing states. It’s being done by left-wing municipalities. It’s being done by this left-wing federal government. And this is a war on you – the American citizen.”

He brought up the unemployed students who have gone broke subsidizing their Marxist professors and who can’t find jobs because “you have billionaires importing cheap labor from overseas”.

Republicans are soft on the issue and our Congress wants more visas.

California, as an example of the direction the country is going in, is a one party state like the old communist soviet union. They control both houses of the legislature with massive illegal immigration – massive. People voted to limit illegal immigration decades ago but a liberal judge overruled it.

The idea is to have an electorate that will give the Marxists power for as long as they can hold it, Levin believes.

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David Barnett
David Barnett
6 years ago

Mark: Why does the media use the term “LIBERAL” ? Why not just say “COMMUNIST”? I support everything you say, I support Israel, to the point of war with any country that attacks them. I also support turning this country around with conservative values. GOD BLESS THE USA.