Mark Levin – Obama Has the Mindset of a Despot


During his show last night, Mark Levin called Barack Obama out for what he is – a Marxist who is attempting to change the very nature of man with an incoherent ideology.

It’s refreshing to hear the truth. Obama’s Marxism is out in the open but the leftists have silenced people with accusations of extremism or conspiratorial behavior. There is nothing conspiratorial here. Obama is telling us what he is. The only extremism is his.

We have a Marxist president.

When Barack Obama spoke at Georgetown University this week, he exposed himself as the Marxist he is. Levin pointed out that he is mocking those who call him a Marxist much like Castro did before the revolution. Castro said he was about democracy.

“When Obama is not in full Marxist mode, he’s in full Mussolini mode,” Levin said. He called Obama a “throwback”, calling for more “centralized power while pretending he’s a populist”.

Obama is “talking up the middle class when he’s really targeting the middle class for destruction. Pretending he’s helping minorities when they’re poorer than ever before.”

“Those who are doing better and better, more educated, luckier, are withdrawing from the sort of commons,” Obama said.

The commons? What does that mean? We know what it means. We all have to think alike. Think like he does. That’s what all this illegal immigration is about. He’s getting his permanent Democrat majority in place as he moves the party further and further left.

“It’s the claptrap told to him day in and day out,” Levin said. “This is Marxism. Destroy the society. The society is unjust. Take from the haves and give to the have-nots and the iron fist of government has to do all the heavy lifting because capitalism is a fraud…”

Marxism – leveling the field and redistributing wealth hasn’t worked so what do they do, they double down.

The most revealing line from Obama’s speech was his condemnation of “anti-government ideology” as he described an anti-government viewpoint that he himself holds. He is the one who is anti-government.

“Truly,” Levin said, “this is the mindset of a despot.”

Obama wants us all to be alike. It’s not fair that some are more talented, or prettier, or luckier. He’s the great equalizer and he thinks he can do it through tyranny.

Levin presented a rhetorical question.

“Who’s rioting in the streets in Ferguson Missouri? Who’s rioting in the streets in Baltimore, Maryland? Who rioted in the streets in the 1960s? Who took over college campuses in the 1960s and ‘70s? Who is it that wants to fundamentally transform America? Who is it that eviscerates our Constitution? Who is it that has the borders wide open with a flood of illegal aliens coming into this country? Is that pro-government? Is that pro-Constitutional government?”

He then answered his own question.

“See, this is the distinction. You and I, we the people, we reject centralized tyranny dressed up as government. But we embrace constitutional government, real government. We’re not anti-government. We’re anti him and what he’s doing and we’re anti what’s being done to our country.”

Levin called Obama’s foolish, confused ramblings schizophrenic. “He is trying to explain but he can’t because he’s a dime store Marxist, a soap box Marxist, but the problem is he has a pen and a phone and he’s the president of the United States.”

Marxism is an incoherent ideology because it seeks to alter the nature of man. That’s what Levin said and it’s logical to a thinking person.