Mark Levin: Why do Republicans assist with an “agenda that is both diabolical and destructive”


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The Sentinel believes in free trade, emphasis on the word “free,” but we don’t back fast track authority for TAA, TPP, TISA or TTIP because we don’t know what’s in them and we have a president who has proven to be untrustworthy. TPP was written by 600 corporations and that is also concerning.

It’s hard to trust a president who does not tell the truth, does not follow the Constitution, backs anarchists, communists, and socialists in Ferguson and elsewhere as they demonize police, spends wildly and uncontrollably, and has abandoned our allies to support an Islamist takeover in the Middle East while negotiating a deal with the terrorist nation of Iran.

Mark Levin wants to know why the Republicans are supporting Barack Obama in the trade deal when Obama is destroying our way of life. In the end, Republicans who are opposed to the trade deal are reacting to the fact that it is Barack Obama who would have the authority and people don’t trust him.

Republicans supporting Obamatrade are giving their constituency the impression that they only care about getting reelected and are more loyal to their corporate sponsors than the average voter. Sen. Sessions believes they just like any trade deal.

Mark Levin wants to know:

Why do the Republicans time and again persist on assisting an agenda that is both diabolical and destructive? Why did they give Obama the budget he wanted? Why did they stop fighting on unconstitutional executive amnesty? Why did they surrender the treaty provision of the Constitution? Why did they surrender the power of the purse provision of the Constitution? And why now do they seek to give this man, this man who is violating our Constitution, this man who is destroying our way of life, fast track authority?

Many of the Republicans who are pushing this thing did not read it, including some of the GOP candidates. These bills are thousands of pages long and we the people will have to live under them and pay out whatever fines or taxes they require. We are the ones who will be subject to court cases or imprisonment if we don’t follow these agreements which are being kept secret from us.

Levin said much the same thing:

“You cannot continue to keep from the people these massive pieces of legislation, these laws under which we’re required to live, under penalty of taxes, under penalty of fines, under penalty of imprisonment, and not allow us an opportunity to even know what is in them.”

Levin supports free trade as do most Republicans but he believes we have the right to know what is in it and Republicans should be fighting for our right to know.

“This is not going to create jobs, this is not going to level any playing field. And we the people, more than anything else, we have a right to know what’s in this law.”

It’s not business as usual but our representatives in Congress think it is.

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7 years ago

Using Ockham’s razor, the explanation for Republicans’ crazy behavior must be blackmail. Whoever controls the Oval Office has access to FBI files (remember Filegate? Hillary wasn’t looking for light bedtime reading.). When the FBI opens a file, they include every scrap of information collected, included hearsay and rumor. FBI files must be chock full of tales of congressional corruption, sleaze, and personal failings. Do whatever Obama asks or permits, or the DOJ hands down an indictment.