Mark Levin’s Stunning Interview With Son of Hamas Founder


Hamas is a terror group that wants to conquer the globe and doesn’t care how many Palestinians have to die to make it happen. They inspire all other terror groups around the world. That is from the son of the Hamas founder, Mosab Hassan Yousef, pictured below. His father is Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

Mosab worked with Hamas and Israeli intelligence. He lives in the United States and was almost deported. A Mossad operative gave up his role as undercover agent for Israeli intelligence to speak for him so he could stay in the United Stats.

He has a documentary coming out this fall which should prove to be a must-see.

Sheikh Hassan Yousef
In Part I, Mosab talks about why he left Hamas and why he joined the Israel intelligence to stop suicide bombers.

He follows Christ’s conscience and doesn’t have faith that politics or religion can stop this. We need conscience, he believes.

In Part II, he talks about their plan to destroy Israel and the West. Hamas has a global ideological agenda that is very, very dangerous, not only for Israel or the Middle East, their goal is to conquer the globe. They believe they have the right to kill people who disagree.

Hamas inspires all terror movements in the world. Al Qaeda learned from Hamas.

He said Israel is fighting for the free world. If Israel loses, the free world will suffer.

Hamas is a terrorist organization and it is willing to sacrifice as many Palestinians as it takes. Every penny that goes to Hamas is a crime against humanity. Any money that goes to Hamas right now goes to weapons. Then there will be more wars and we will witness the deaths of more Gaza children. Hamas is responsible for the death of these children.

We must support Israel. In this way we will support Palestinian children because we will rid the region of this cancer.

Hamas terrorizes the Palestinians and prepared secretly for their takeover. When they first ran for office, they threw the opposition party members from the 20th story of buildings. They hit the police with RPGs.

They don’t care about anything but conquest above all other people. They believe they are clean and everyone else is unclean.

Mosab would like to see innocent Palestinians fight with Israelis.

Someone needs to give this interview to our leaders.


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