Mark Ruffalo Calls for NBC, MSNBC to “Stop the White Conservative Hiring Spree”


‘Hulk’ actor Mark Ruffalo is calling for NBC and MSNBC to “stop the white conservative hiring spree”. He wants his fans and anyone who reads his tweets to sign a petition to: Tell @MSNBC @NBCNews to stop the white conservative hiring spree,”

In other words, he wants the station to discriminate against white conservatives, judging people by the color of their skin and their beliefs.

Ruffalo tweeted to his more 3.19 million followers over the weekend.

So much for diversity and equality. Some might call this bordering on hate and bigotry.

Ruffalo targets NBC News President Andy Lack in the petition.

“Lack has pushed out Black and Brown talent including Melissa Harris-Perry, Alex Wagner, Touré Neblett, Dorian Warren, Michael Eric Dyson, Adam Howard, Jamil Smith, Jose Diaz-Balart and Tamron Hall,” Ruffalo’s petition reads.

“In fact, Lack has a history of replacing Black on-air personalities wherever he goes. America needs voices like these now more than ever, and we need to make it clear to Lack that we are paying attention and there will be consequences.

“Tell NBC executives: Stop the white conservative hiring spree at MSNBC.”

All of those so-called talents he mentions are off-the-rails hard-left. In fact, one might worry about their mental health. Most are anti-white.

His complaint is over the hiring of Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, George Will and Hugh Hewitt, who will, or already do, host their own programs. The only conservative in that group is Hugh Hewitt though George Will, a neverTrumper, says he is a Reagan Republican. Greta was a Hillary supporter for years and Megyn Kelly calls herself an Independent.

It sounds like Lack is trying to move towards the center which is what all should do at this point or we are going to remain divided with the hard-left winning in the end.

Democrats have morphed into a far-left and hate-filled party

The left has been abusing free speech to the point at which they are radicalizing their fringe followers. All the while, they claim it’s the Republicans who started it or it’s the right who are dangerous and violent.

Remember it was the left who give college credits to rioters of Occupy, Black Lives Matter et al while demonizing the Tea Party though never guilty of violence. They were demonized as hateful people with no evidence it was the case.

There was never a threat from the Tea Party, but Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, Baltimore, Black Lives Matter are all violent, hard-left hate groups the Democrats refuse to disown. Actually, they praise them.

The media no longer hires people on the political right. As a result, we have a deranged left-wing media that helps to glorify the more extreme elements. Social media plays its part. They fuel the worst of their followers, condone and encourage hate, while preaching love.

What do liberals who are now in the grasp of leftists think will happen when Madonna talks about how she thinks about burning down the White House?

The left has been radicalized and the media is most of the problem.

Listen to this compilation of their leaders put together by Hannity.

Laura Ingraham nailed it when she said, “This rhetoric has been going on, now amplified, by a deranged left-wing media that is completely off the rails”.

Some might agree with this Democrat who voted for Trump.

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