Mark Steyn Made This Video Hours Before the Near-Massacre


The play will go on. ‘Julius Caesar’, the play about the violent execution of President Trump as Julius Trump will go on after the near-massacre of Republicans on a ball field in Alexandria, Virginia yesterday. It is still being regaled by the NY Times, CNN’s anchor Fareed Zakaria and middle class New Yorkers who flock to see it. It puts Kathy Griffin’s severed head to shame, but it will go on.

This is the trend of today’s left. Yesterday, before the shootings, Steyn warned of exactly what took place. The hate and encouragement of violence will continue to grow worse, he says. This tape below which he recorded hours before the shooting should be required listening.

Democrats, the left, reject violence for appearances while giving tacit, and sometimes outright approval of the Antifa, the Anti-Fascists. They do it in part with hate speech laws aimed at the victims of the violent left. The laws dehumanize and incentivize people by putting their opponents in categories and labeling them. They denormalize the people with whom they disagree.

That makes it okay to beat up these people labeled  as haters, Steyn says.

Steyn says during the tape, if you’re beating up someone at a book launch, you’re the Fascist, you’re like the Nazis, they didn’t like books either. He was referring to an actual event seen in the clip.

Steyn gave three examples of an accelerating trend of the Democrat’s real-world glamorization of violence. He mentioned Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, who was poisoned in Iceland after a well-received speech, and Charles Murray, author of a controversial book on The Bell Curve. While Murray is not right-wing, he was kept from speaking. And finally, the liberal, female professor who was hosting Murray was beaten and put in the hospital.

There are people who write and draw, Steyn said, like at Charlie Hebdo, and there are people who kill. The Western left are on the same continuum as the Hebdo killers. They are both in the shut up business. They will hurt you to keep you from speaking. The left doesn’t want to debate, they want to end the debate.

During this speech, The Seduction of Violence, he said the glamorization of violence on the left is getting worse and someone is going to get killed.

That almost happened yesterday and still might as two victims remain in critical condition. The Twitter sewer entertained thousands of tweets by leftists claiming it was deserved, they thought it too bad the shooter wasn’t more successful, and unexpectedly, they railed how Trump should be next.

Steyn addresses Kathy Griffin and the severed head, saying it is exciting for the left. The current production of ‘Julius Caesar’, who is actually Julius Trump, is exciting the left. New Yorkers are seeing it and loving it, wanting to see the violent stabbing death of Donald Trump and the execution of Melania. To the left, it’s great to see it, it’s great to see Griffin waving a head. They don’t have the guts to do it themselves but they love to watch.

There’s something disturbing going on here, Steyn says. The left is moving closer and closer to Kathy Griffin’s severed head.

If you are wearing a mask, if you’re beating up people, if you’re sending a female professor to hospital, you’re the Fascist.

He ended with a quote by a French philosopher on the lofty idea of anti-racism that has become a hideous ideology. It will be to the 21st century, what communism was to the last. The anti-racists and anti-fascists will become the source of violence.

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  1. Why is it that someone from Australia has a clearer view of how the leftist rhetoric foments violence than anyone here in America? Mark Steyn accurately puts the radical left on par with Jihadists. They also like to chop off heads, just like Kathy Griffin. Progressives, liberals, Democrats, leftists, etc. don’t want to have a debate on issues, they want to shout down and shut down the debate. And whatever they disagree with is labeled hate speech. Now we see their rhetoric taken to the next level – if the Fascist radicals can’t shout them down, they shoot them down.

  2. Mark Steyn has been spot on re: all this for years. A brilliant, prescient, author & satirist. Try anyone of of his books but “After America, Get Ready for the Armageddon” is absolutely terrific. Called things years ago, we see happening today.

  3. Steyn makes quite the salient point when he refers to a “turn on” with this violence.

    I believe it was the director of some horror show that was giving an interview on the making and they went into how he became involved in the genre. I was aghast at a particular statement he made. His statement was something on the order of there being some type of “sexual gratification” in viewing extreme and explicit horror images which began in childhood reading horror comics.

    Maybe that is why I cannot Stand to watch those horror shows OR even violent shows depicting realistic imagery. It turns my stomach.

    For some time now I have come to believe much of entertainment has been the worst invention of all time. It has a deleterious effect that cannot be easily repaired. Television, also, has been a destructive force from its inception. In its early days it normalized single parent families and male cross dressing. That was a beginning which became more and more destructive as the years went on to a point where now it is wholly crude and disgusting.

    When 9-11 occurred it was a major event, yet minor in the scheme of things. It was enough, for a brief moment, for people to be introspective but that was quite short lived. Unfortunately, I suspect, it would take such a drastic catastrophe for many in the public to realize their own destructive behavior to then make an appropriate change. I fear we may never get to that point.

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