Mark Steyn on LaVar: “Why Didn’t [Trump] Take 3 Shoplifters With Him on a Tour of Asia”


LaVar Ball gave an extremely odd interview with Chris Cuomo Monday night. You can hear the interview on this link. It’s something to behold. Chris Cuomo tried to get LaVar to make sense but he failed.

LaVar Ball is the father of one of the UCLA shoplifters saved from the Chinese gulag by President Trump. The father wouldn’t thank him but if you listen to the interview, you will understand him better — not you want to.

Mark Steyn had a very funny take on him during Fox & Friends. LaVar said he would have thanked Trump if he had taken the boys home with him on his plane.

Steyn responded to that, “So why didn’t he take three shoplifters on a tour to Asia with him? The first thing they tell you when they give you a passport is that you’re subject to the law of that jurisdiction. When you’re a bagpiper, and they take you to Gitmo, then tough. And the idea that this — these three petty criminals which in China, that can ruin your life.”

In the end, he said, “they are shoplifters”. “They are shoplifters”.

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