Mark Steyn Tells Tucker Harvey Weinstein Is Progressive Values


Tucker Carlson had Mark Steyn on his show to discuss Hollywood’s prince of darkness, Harvey Weinstein. Tucker first gave a summary of the Weinstein peccadillos.

Steyn told the story about the interaction between Weinstein and French actress Emma de Caunes, “…that sums up not just Hollywood but the Democrats, the Clinton Democrats’ attitude to all of this.” Weinstein is said to have tricked her into coming to his hotel room where he pulled one of his obscene stunts.

Steyn says, “That’s progressive values in Hollywood in a nutshell,” the hypocritical claim of being committed to “more roles for fierce, strong, independent women, and I’ll consider giving one to you if you’ll come up to my room and sexually service me.”

He added, “to a certain extent that is also the Clinton Democrat story too.” Carlson interjected, “Well, it’s literally the Bill Clinton story.”

Carlson asked him why “The left always accuses its opponents of doing the exact same thing they’re guilty of.”

Talking about Hollywood willing to allow this “debris piled up by this pig”, Steyn said. “It’s the old line about communism. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs,” he said, adding, “In this case, Harvey Weinstein is the guy who made Shakespeare in Love and if he were talking to Shakespeare, you can’t make a Hamlet without breaking a few chicks.”

While there is no crime yet to investigate, Steyn does point to “certain other oddities” beyond just the rape allegations. He mentions the “Miramax head guy in Italy” who knew nothing about movies but was paid $400,000 a year “to procure broads for Harvey Weinstein.”

Steyn thinks the FBI should investigate that as well as the entrapment of girls through the use of front women who manipulated them into compromising circumstances and then left them alone with the predator, Weinstein. Steyn added, “That’s systemic corruption in the Weinstein company.”

And rape?


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