Marty Lopez is sorry he said you shouldn’t let 3-Year-Olds choose a gender


NBC reported Wednesday, “Mario Lopez says it’s ‘dangerous’ for parents to support transgender kids.” Except, he never said that and NBC knows he never said it.

What he did said was, “Look, I’m never one to tell anyone how to parent their kids, obviously, and I think if you come from a place of love, you really can’t go wrong. But at the same time, my God, if you’re 3 years old and you’re saying you’re feeling a certain way, or you think you’re a boy or a girl, whatever the case may be, I just think it’s dangerous as a parent to make that determination.”

He added, “It’s sort of alarming and my gosh, I just think about the repercussions later on.”

He made the comments during an interview with Candace Owens who is on the leftist hit list. Lopez and Owens called out the “weird trend” of celebrities like Charlize Theron who let their small children pick a gender identity when they are clearly too young to understand any of it.

The MSM decided to persecute Lopez and lie about him.

Yahoo News misquoted, claiming he said, It’s ‘dangerous’ for parents to support transgender children.

The Daily Beast said “it’s not dangerous,” it’s what “good parents do.” [at three?]

HuffPo reported that LGBTQ Advocates Shred Mario Lopez Over Remarks On Transgender Youth. [Lopez was talking about a 3-year-old, not youths. Theron’s child is three].

Lopez then caved and apologized which he should not have done. These lunatics owe him an apology.

“The comments I made were ignorant and insensitive, and I now have a deeper understanding of how hurtful they were,” Lopez told CNN Wednesday. “I have been and always will be an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community, and I am going to use this opportunity to better educate myself.”

His comments were not ignorant but his attackers are ignorant and vile.

Can you believe how far-left these media outlets are? They are evil people who feel free to lie and attack innocent people. Victims have to start standing up to them because they are deliberately transforming our culture into a PC hell.

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