Marvel Comics Launches Their Bashing Conservatives Series


Capt America

So now we have Marvel Comics denigrating those who feel we should follow the rules that have been constitutionally passed in this country.

Captain America should be called Captain Propaganda, a tool to be used to indoctrinate our kids about how evil traditional Americans are for wanting to keep our culture, our way of life, and the laws that govern so many aspects of our life and which are based on morality.

In the new series, the “coyote” is presented as trying so hard to help the illegal immigrants find a better way of life. He gives them food and water and assists them to find their way to America. Nowhere do we hear of the “rape trees” used by the coyotes, or the illegal immigrants who have perished because the “coyote” who was “assisting” them for vast amounts of money left them in the middle of the desert.

Americans have real and valid concerns about immigration and about the illegal immigrants getting a majority of the jobs since the last downturn (according to the census bureau). Americans are not the serpent-faced villains portrayed in the latest Captain America comic, nor are we looking to murder these illegal immigrants.

Americans who are against open borders are concerned about America being turned into a Third World culture; they are concerned about illegal immigrants getting benefits not available to citizens; they are concerned about the budgetary constraints that will befall the country after giving benefits to those who feel entitled but have done nothing to deserve them. See more at Intellectual Conservative.

The American people deserve better than being depicted as a bunch of Ignorant rednecks or bumbling idiots. America will not let themselves be fooled into thinking that mass media can alter the views they hold on immigration.

Informed Americans can understand that this is nothing more than propaganda aimed at the low information voter who believes what they see on TV or in the media without investigating.

If this continues, what do we have to look forward to? The crisis is just beginning and most Americans do not want to go through the tribulations that Europe is now experiencing. There can be no amnesty, Americans know that. The next step is to let the politicians know it as well. Each of us must do our part. Call, write, sit on the doorstep of your congressman and let them know we will not stand for the balkanization of our country.

by John Velisek USN (Ret)

Watch this video via The Right Scoop

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