Marx Moves to Philly


story via Desiree Moore

There goes more private property!

I support eminent domain. It is necessary for the state to have the right to take private property when they need to build a highway, a school, or some other necessity. It should not, however, be used to steal private property to grow the government and/or crony corporatism. Last I knew, that was what Marxists do not Americans.

This week, the government of Philly decided to steal private property for their own selfish purposes, not for the necessary common good, but to further crony corporatism. The Philadelphia Redeveloment Authority is planning to steal two dozen properties or so to develop affordable housing though many are set aside for private development. []

The worst thing our SCOTUS has done, besides approving Obamacare, is allowing the government to steal private property and then turn it over to private developers they are in bed with. [Kelo vs. New London]

This is happening throughout the country!

Read here and here and mostly here, Kelo vs. New London.