Swiss Bill Would Give Everyone a Guaranteed Income and It’s Coming Here


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A bill to be decided on in Switzerland would give every one of the 8 million citizens and legal residents a very generous monthly income.Adults would get $2600 a month tax-free and children would get $650 each. No other country has ever done this. [Update: it was voted down]

It is a key Marxist ideal.

Someone who currently earns, say, $6,500 month would not receive any money from the government but $2,600 of it would not be taxed.

For those getting welfare or other social benefits, payments of up to $2,600 a month would be replaced by the new basic income. Anything over this amount would continue to be provided as a separate payment and taxed accordingly.

Theoretically, a family of two non-working adults and two children at home would be eligible for $6,500 a month, or $78,000 a year tax-free. That’s nearly twice the after-tax income of a typical American family.

Everyone would get it, regardless of work status, income level, or wealth or deadbeat status.

The Swiss have average incomes 40% higher than in the US and perhaps they can afford it though the Swiss Treasury doesn’t think so.

The same concept is being discussed in the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, New Zealand and other nations.

Swiss artists, writers, intellectuals who live in an alternative universe came up with the idea but the bill will probably go down in massive defeat since 75% of those polled are opposed and 25% support it. That 25% undoubtedly includes the deadbeats.

To pay for it, among other initiatives, they would increase the VAT – value added tax – a dangerous concept since it becomes an ATM added on to other taxes. It kills business.

The far-left in this country, including Robert Reich, want it in the US but believe it’s a decade away.

Before you mock Switzerland, consider what we pay out in welfare in the US already which apparently isn’t enough. People here in New York can make up to $50,000 in pay and benefits when all welfare, food stamps, educational grants, child credits, free child care, housing and healthcare are all tallied.

How is that so different? There is an important distinction when delving into the ideological difference. Telling someone they are entitled to other peoples’ money, and a lot of it, for doing nothing with the corrupt State as the overseer and manager is Socialism or Communism and it’s theft.

The US fits very nicely in the mix of EU welfare states but there are those who will tell you it’s not enough and they will say it until they have control of all our money and labor.

us welfare state

Listen to this brief clip from the CATO Institute:

USA Today reports.

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5 years ago

You said it all in your final paragraph, these redistribution of wealth schemes is all about total dominance over our money and labor. Entitlement minded deadbeats coveting that which they have not earned would do well to look at Venezuela and how their dreams of utopic dreams has become a nightmare for everyone except the ruling elites.

5 years ago

Here in US we have generation so primed to accept this having lived alongside the government royalty who have everything in life better than the low wage worker. Seniors have been incensed for generations as they struggle watching the newly legal and the newly disabled being awarded vast monthly sums when their lifetime of labor is awarded an amount that equals not ever enough.

5 years ago

I hope you meant to say, the newly illegal. The ‘newly disabled’ should be looked into. Not talking about the veterans for sure. Seniors pay-ins to the system over decades has been redistributed and not replaced. Mothers, fathers, grands on welfare after trusting gov’t to do right. That money’s accrued interest if it had been left untouched would go a long way toward today’s pathetic state of senior survival.