Marxist Culture Wars! Crowder’s Old But Current Gay Cake Video


A Christian baker is currently the complainant in a Supreme Court case. Arguments were heard Tuesday. The baker isn’t an Islamophobe or bigoted against Muslims. His religion won’t allow him to perform an activity that promotes an act that his religion forbids, which includes making a gay marriage cake.

However, for the left, it’s only bigotry when Christians do it. How far can gay rights go? Can they force someone to perform an act? The left wants the right to say they support all leftist ideals, including gay marriage.

One Christian baker was put out of business for his beliefs but one went to the Supreme Court. Some would say they are being deprived of free speech.

What do you think would happen if the left sued Muslim bakers who won’t make a gay marriage cake?

In April 2015, Steve Crowder went into a Dearborn Muslim bakery to ask them to bake a gay wedding cake. This video is honest while the left has not been.

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