Marxist Luis Gutiérrez Prepares for Illegals by the Millions


Gutiérrez has promised amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants this summer. He has been fighting for open borders and full amnesty for years. His Marxist dream of having illegal immigrants take over the political and social demographics in the United States is inching its way to realization.

Illinois leftist congressman, Luis Gutiérrez, appeared on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart after MSNBC senior White House correspondent Chris Jansing said that senior White House officials expect Obama to grant executive amnesty to around 5 million illegal immigrants after his European trip to Estonia and Wales next week.


“We want to get as many as we can out of the vicious cycle of deportation,” Gutierrez told Jose Diaz-Balart on his MSNBC show. “…We’re getting ready.”

Gutierrez has been holding a series of meetings with community groups and clergy to have systems in place to sign people up for welfare, other entitlements and to help them tackle the legal system so they can stay in the United States comfortably, get jobs, and gain citizenship, all at the expense of citizens.

“If it is 5 million, Jose, then that would be five times as many as when the president freed the dreamers from deportation, when he instituted [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] in June of 2012. When he said we’re not going to deport anymore immigrants that arrived here as children and you saw how was it, Jose, that our community was ill prepared,” the Illinois Democrat said.

“The structures were not in place to help those people,” he continued. “So I’ve been going around meeting with major news organizations, newspaper editorial boards, columnists and others here in Chicago for the last three weeks telling them we have get prepared as a city. And prepare a model for the nation because when 5 million people are allowed the opportunity to come out from under the shadows and into the light of day and get legalized, it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of capacity of our community but I’m really looking forward to that challenge.”

Marching to the beat of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, Obama is reviewing their wish list. Gutiérrez is urging him to be “broad and generous.”

Part of Gutierrez’ announced plan to get full amnesty for all illegals is to put untold pressure on the weak-kneed president.

In the recent past, Gutiérrez assured LaRaza that Obama will “stop the deportation of our people.” Obama has already done that to a large degree.

The editorial board of AZ Central has three words for Barack Obama, “Don’t do it.” They are strongly in support of comprehensive immigration reform, but not this way, in part, out of fear that it will negatively impact the upcoming elections. They also stated the obvious – a future Republican president could reverse the order immediately.

Barack Obama doesn’t care. he is looking to the near-future when all these leftist illegals get citizenship and the United States becomes a one-party country modeled after socialist regimes in Europe, perhaps worse.

Luis is allegedly a former Marxist though there is no evidence he has abandoned any of his Marxist ideals. He has promised his followers that he will fight for full amnesty.

In Bakersfield last year, he spoke to a room full of Chicanos waving the Nationalist Socialist flag.

Chicano Nationalist, Socialist flag

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