Marxist Obama Is Coming Back to Declare War on Trump


Newsmax interviewed Ed Klein who also wrote a brief piece for the publication. Klein said that Barack Obama is planning a shadow government in D.C. from which to launch his anti-Trump crusade.

Obama will resist Trump at every turn, Klein said.

This is what communists in Third World countries do.

He’s vacationing in Southern California with his friend Sir Richard Branson at the moment but he will be back soon.

Obama kite surfing, liberals are calling this extreme sports, kid you not..

Leftists are eager for him to return. ET on line reported: “Obama’s backwards hat was the talk of Twitter, with one [liberal] tweet reading, ‘Obama got his hat to the back like it’s 1990 and trump isn’t president. GET YO A** BACK HERE… with respect, sir.'”

Klein assured the “liberals” that Obama will be the most politically active ex-president in modern times. He has no intention of doing for Trump what George Bush did for him. Klein said Michelle and Valerie Jarrett are behind him.

“He’s planning to make speeches and speak out forcefully against Trump,” said one of his friends, according to Klein. “He’s going to fight Trump’s executive actions, fire up the leftwing resistance to the Trump administration, and pave the way for the Democrats to retake Congress.

“He’s been given assurances by George Soros and other liberal money men that they will make a mighty war chest available for his crusade against Trump,” the friend continued.”Among Democrats, there is no one on the national scene with the status and popularity to match Obama’s. He’s a towering figure on the left, with a constituency that is angry and begging for a leader to steer them in the right direction.

“And he has every intention of answering their call.”

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7 years ago

Peaceful transfer of power, what happened to that? more division in our country is just what we need, uh Obama!!