Obama Will Fund Climate Change No Matter What Congress Does



Congress is the peoples’ only voice in government. For whatever flaws they have, they are our representatives and when Obama silences them, he silences the American people. He plans to do that with climate change.

No matter what, he plans to fund climate change regardless of what congress does. To him, the treaty powers of the senate are meaningless and he will run roughshod over them. That’s why Congress needs to use the power of the purse. If the spending bill, minus Obama’s illegal deals, reaches his desk and he rejects it – he is shutting down the government, not Republicans.

When John Kerry was interviewed about the climate deal, Chuck U Todd asked if there would be a showdown if Congress refuses to fund it.

The man who also said not to underestimate the “shaming power” of the central state, also sees no problem with ignoring our constitution and the American people.

Kerry responded to Todd by making it clear he will fund it anyway. Sadly, there is no doubt the leftist statists will revel in it. They’re so foolish, they don’t realize they are surrendering their freedoms and ours.

“Well, let me tell you something. President Obama has been on the phone to President Xi this week. To Prime Minister Modi. To President Hallan. He’s called the president of Brazil. He’s invested in this very deeply. This is a major priority, because President Obama believes this is a major challenge to our country. So if people want to tempt the president’s veto, I really believe they do so inviting him to take the steps that he will do to protect what he believes is a critical, urgent, national security issue for our country. And the president, as you know, has been able to secure money for clinical programs on the basis of the fact that there is that check and balance between the Congress and the executive. So I think the president’s going to stand up for his program, no matter what.”

If only he really cared about the climate and wasn’t trying to turn us into a socialist hellhole, more people might be supportive of some of his initiatives. It’s a Marxist revolution and we are allowing it to happen because we want to “save the planet.” Give me a break!

The climate deal is a farce, there are no sanctions, no enforcement mechanism, however, if Obama is going to do it anyway, then this is legally-binding for the US in a sense. The deal imposes a global tax on every nation on earth to fight “climate change,” which is also a farce.

This treaty is a step towards global governance – make no mistake. These Marxist are moving to force it through and they are patient and they are so far past socialism. It won’t look as bad as what they are doing subversively.

How dare these people! How dare they rob us of our freedoms!



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