MD Travel Ban Judge Might Order Trump to Take In 50,000 Poorly Vetted Refugees


Judge Theodore Chuang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, is the other judge who ruled against Trump’s travel restriction. His ruling followed that of the judge in Hawaii. Both were appointed by Barack Obama to a lifetime on the bench, both are activists.

A veteran of President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security, he has worked almost exclusively for the government. He is considering ordering Trump to take in another 50,000 refugees because the UK-based Middle East Association and  HIAS Inc want it.

These organizations have agendas that are not good for traditional America but they are good for the hard left and sharia-adherents.

Chuang has a history of some obstructionism according to Senator Grassley.

During Chuang’s confirmation hearing, Senator Grassley accused Chuang of frustrating Congressional efforts to investigate the death of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, while he was serving on a special assignment at the State Department, Heavy reported.

“His job at the State Department was to provide legal guidance and manage the department’s responses to the congressional investigation into the terrorist attack,” Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said in a statement. “For months, the State Department ignored congressional inquiries. That forced the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to issue subpoenas in August 2013. Mr. Chuang received those duly issued subpoenas, but continued the administration’s policy of systematic stonewalling.”

Grassley added that Chuang’s “role in coordinating the administration’s responses was plainly unsatisfactory and unacceptable” and that “[f]or this reason, I have decided to oppose this nomination.”

The judge’s opinion on the travel restrictions can be read here. Everything about the opinion is wrong. It’s not based on law, but on partisan feelings.

It’s possibly about to get worse. This activist judge is considering ordering Trump to double the number of refugees, according to Breitbart reporter Neil Munro.

This is very dangerous in a Republic. If a judge can dictate policy on travel bans from an office in Maryland, why not dictate the entire immigration policy or any policy for that matter?

This is part of the deep state people are referring to. It’s not that Obama has to guide it, he’s put embedded people who agree with his leftist, dictatorial viewpoints in critical positions, the courts in particular. These embeds just know what to do and in that respect, it’s not a conspiracy. They don’t even need a wink and a nod. They are floating in the same stratosphere.

Chuang is considering – illegally – of ordering Trump to double the annual inflow of refugees up to 100,000 per year. It would mean that an extra 50,000, mostly sharia-sdherents, would flow into the country with inadequate screening at a cost of $1600 each per year for decades.

This is clearly the President’s prerogative and if Chuang does do this, impeachment needs to be considered.

Breitbart pointed out that this proposed order was contained in a footnote to his March 15 decision denouncing Trump’s executive order.

The bottom line is plaintiffs requested 100,000 refugees each year as part of their case. The request was made by lawyers for the International Refugee Assistance Protect, HIAS Inc., a so-called “VOLAG” which is paid by federal agencies to import refugees, and by members of the Middle East Studies Association.

The judge left the door open in his footnote.

If we do take another 50,000 in because of these unelected Obama bureaucratic-minions, we need to disperse them between Hawaii and Maryland.

Adding to all this is the knowledge that the refugees come in on the honor system.

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