Maryland School District Bans Cupcakes and Hugs


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St. Mary’s County Schools in Maryland has banned the following: homemade cupcakes, birthday invitations and hugs from parents other than your own

The parents and school officials agreed on these lame rules.

The cupcake rule is to prevent problems with allergies. When a child has a birthday, s/he can bring in one cupcake for him/herself. That’s it. The other children can look on longingly at the cupcake.

The birthday invitation ban is supposed to protect those children who might not get one. Not all children can be invited to all parties and they will still know when they are not invited but that fact seems to have escaped them.

As a parent, you had better not hug a child other than your own. That is meant to protect children against inappropriate touching. It certainly will teach them not to hug. I wonder if children can hug each other or if they get kicked out of school for that.

Parents will no longer be allowed to push a child on a swing other than their own.

School officials say this is a test. The goal of the nannies in charge of this school district is to tighten up security.

This is so ridiculous and off the charts that I can’t comment – I’m speechless.

Full story at Fox News


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