Masked Antifa show up at Andy Ngo’s mother’s home


Conservative reporter Andy Ngo tweeted yesterday, After stalking my family at their home, Portland-area antifa accounts are organizing to protest & assault me when I speak at the Washington County GOP Reagan dinner tomorrow.

After being hospitalized from a beating by antifa, Ngo also has to deal with them showing up at his elderly mother’s home wearing masks. They weren’t trick or treating.

Antifa is angrier than usual because one of theirs just received a six-year sentence for beating a Trump supporter and assaulting an officer.

Antifa militant Gage Halupowski was sentenced to nearly six years in prison for striking a man on the head from behind with a baton during an antifa riot. He was masked at the time. He also assaulted an officer while trying to escape. His lawyer says the sentence is too severe.

He could have killed the man and he attacked an officer! This was during the same riot in which Andy Ngo was injured with a brain bleed and a concussion.

We contributed to the wounded man’s GoFundMe and the officer’s fund. We won’t report their names again.

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