Mass Murderer Could Help Put Fox News Reporter in Jail


james holmes Photo of James Holmes via abc news

James Holmes, the vicious, drug-imbibing, possibly insane mass murderer, who went into an Aurora movie theatre and systematically shot and killed 12 people and injured dozens more, seems to think he might not have gotten a fair trial because of information leaked in an article by Fox News journalist, Jana Winter. He is demanding that Ms. Winter reveal her sources which led to the article in question. In the article, she disclosed that James Holmes sent a notebook to his psychiatrist before the late-night massacre.

Photo of Jana Winter via The Associated Press

He is claiming that it hurt his case, which is absurd given what we know. The sources are irrelevant to his case.

Jana Winter cannot release her sources. It would hurt all journalists if she gave in and it would destroy her career. She faces imprisonment.

The demand for her sources is a melodramatic gesture by Holmes’ attorneys who apparently have no compunctions about causing more harm in Holmes’ name.

Winter has appealed to the New York courts to overturn the subpoena for the sources made by Colorado courts. Holmes committed his crime in Colorado and they have weak Shield laws. The Shield laws in New York offer far more protection to journalists.

Three dozen media organizations are supporting Ms. Winter including the New York Times, Politico, ABC, CBS, NBC, Reuters, The Washington Post, and the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, Ms. Winter is being put through legal hell to satisfy a bogus claim by a mass murderer and his slimy attorneys.

Full story at Fox News


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