Mass Murderer in Austria Kills at Least 3, Injures 50 Without a Gun


Austria crash

A madman in Austria drove his car into shoppers, killing three people including a little 7-year old boy, a man and a female cyclist, injuring another 34. He got out of his car and started stabbing people. A total of 50 have been injured.

He also attacked police.

A 26-year old Austrian-Bosnian drove his SUV into shoppers at high speed, about 100 mph, sending shoppers flying off the roof of his car. Unfortunately, he’s alive and has been arrested.

He’s also a Muslim but they already announced this is not an act of terror.

Witnesses said it was deliberate.

There is no Second Amendment in Austria but killers find a way – it’s not the weapon. Are we going to ban cars now?

We can’t control everything.

Telegraph UK



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