Mass Murdering Germanwings Co-Pilot Wanted to Be Remembered With a “Spectacular Gesture”-Update



Update:04/02/15: Lubitz was on sleep mediation and psychotropic drugs. He googled methods of suicide.

Update: 03/29/15: Fox News reported that Lubitz almost badgered the Captain into leaving for a bathroom break. Once the Captain left for the lavatory, Lubitz could be heard locking the cockpit door. The plane went into an almost immediate descent and shortly after, according to a recently released transcript, the Captain can be heard pleading with Lubitz, “For God’s sake, open the door”.

From the beginning of the descent, screams could be heard in the plane, contrary to foreign news reports that the passengers didn’t know what was going on until the end.

Captain Sondenheimer was also heard trying to smash the door with what sounds like an ax, and yelling at his co-pilot, “Open the damn door!” for several minutes as the plane continued the descent.

Lubitz vision problems and his long-standing mental issues left him afraid of losing his job. Also, he and his pregnant girlfriend broke up.

Lubtiz is also said to have had suicidal thoughts.


Update: 03/28/15: Officials said that Andreas Lubitz sought help for vision problems. Authorities say he was also being treated for psychiatric problems and had hidden aspects of his medical condition from his employer.


Original Story: Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of flight 9525, deliberately locked the pilot out of the cockpit and put the plane into an eight-minute descent for the purpose of crashing it into the Alps at almost 500mph, ignoring the pleas of the Captain and the terrified screams of the passengers.

The boy who always wanted to fly might have ended his own life and the lives of 149 innocent people to be remembered according to a girlfriend.

The telegraph UK is reporting that Andreas Lubitz told his girlfriend that he was planning a” spectacular gesture” to “change the system” and “make everyone remember” him.

“It didn’t make sense at the time but now it all does,” his girlfriend told bild newspaper.

Lubitz feared that illness would keep him from flying and would end his career. A doctor had declared Lubitz “unfit” for duty, including the day of the crash. The doctors’ notes were found slashed at his apartment in Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf hospital confirmed that it treated Andreas Lubitz in February and March but not for depression.

Bild newspaper reported that Lubitz had a serious relationship crisis with his girlfriend shortly before he crashed flight 4U9525 into the Alps.

A former girlfriend, an airline stewardess, described him as “tormented. He would wake up nights screaming, “We’re going down.” she said.

She said he feared illness would prevent him from fulfilling his lifelong ambition of becoming a long haul pilot.

“Whether relationship problems had anything to do with it I don’t know,” she added.

Lubitz also broke up more recently with a pregnant girlfriend according to Bild.

An unnamed item of significance has been found at this apartment. All we know about it so far is that it is not a suicide note.

He will be remembered as he hoped, but it will be as an evil mass murdering narcissist without empathy for others.

Some blogs have reported that he was a Muslim convert but there is no evidence to support it. you can read about that on this link.

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