Mass Shooting During Florida Video Game Tournament [Video Warning] – Updated


Update: According to a witness, the shooter was reportedly a gamer competing in the competition but who lost.

In a further update, the gunman has been identified as David Katz, a disgruntled gamer who had won these tournaments in the past. The 24-year old was described as “kind of nerdy” and who played under the name ‘Bread’.

An eyewitness named Javaris Long told The Tampa Bay Times that the gunman got angry at his loss and went to his car, got his handgun, and “started blasting everybody.”.

Another gamer who witnessed the shooting said Katz was eliminated and came back to the game area and “targeted a few people” before killing himself.

David Katz


Witnesses report multiple people shot at the GLHF Game Bar that was hosting a Madden Video Game Qualifying Tournament.

Currently, there are early reports of four dead and 15 shot. The male gunman was found dead in the Jacksonville Landing Mall.

“Mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing. Stay far away from the area. The area is not safe at this time,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter. “We can’t stress enough to stay away. Many blocks away.”

Be forewarned, this video is upsetting. You can hear the gunshots and some people shouting out. This comes via Breaking 911.


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5 years ago

And you have Fox National mostly interviewing someone from Boston and DC. This is the Bill Sammon Fox News. This is what HE wants for the network. No wonder several reporters, and good ones, have Quit as a result. Fox News has become a joke.

5 years ago

This is the THIRD shooting case within a couple days. A little girl in a restaurant and another shooting at a football game.

5 years ago

I was watching one of the local stations and a reporter on site was interviewing someone who arrived After the incident. A typical “reporter’s” question to the person was “How did it make you feel that you Could have been in there”. I really despise these reporters wanting to know how someone feels.
I would love to tell them, What! Do you want me to cry for you so you have some drama for your viewers. I heard that a purpose of “journalism” is to “create empathy”.