Mass Shootings Are Not on the Rise, Study Shows


In 2014, Obama’s FBI found mass shootings were on the rise, in 2015, Mother Jones, a Soros publication, reported that mass shootings were becoming commonplace, Time made the same claim, and on October 5th, CNN reported that mass shootings are a serious problem and it’s because of guns.

Yesterday, the LA Times reported the easy availability of guns has turned murder-suicides into mass shootings.

A new study puts holes in those statements and, as a consequence, the gun control argument.

According to computer science professor Sheldon Jacobson, mass murders are not on the rise, CBS Chicago reported. The data is what it is and there is no contesting facts.

Jacobson said there were 323 such killings – in which four or more people are killed in one incident – between January 2006 and October 2016. The mass killings appeared to be evenly distributed over that time, meaning their rate remained stable over the past decade, and did not spike during any particular season or year.

The professor used a decade’s worth of data from USA Today that was cross-checked by the FBI. He said his analysis also found public shooting sprees like the Las Vegas massacre are not the most common type of mass killing.

“Family mass killings are over three times more likely to occur than a public killing. So what we just saw in Las Vegas is actually not the most common type of mass killing,”

Guns are the weapon used in 75 percent of the mass killings, ahead of knives and arson.

There is no predicting a mass murder based on previous mass shootings because they are unpredictable.

Training officers in rapid response is the best way to prepare for mass killings.

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