‘Mass Trump Baby Protests’ Are More Like a Couple Hundred Loons


The so-called raging mass protests in the U.K. are media and hard-left driven. We keep hearing about the tens of thousands but reports say there are hundreds or thousands. First of all, polling shows he is more popular than the left-wing media wants you to believe.

There was a poll out recently that shows Trump was more popular than most of the G7 leaders who look down on him. His popularity rating averages 42 percent, roughly that of Obama’s at this time in his presidency.

Theresa May’s popularity in her own country is 35 percent.


The big protest was to be the one in Parliament Square where Antifa’s ‘Trump Baby’ was being flown. According to the New York Daily News, there were hundreds protesting, not thousands, hundreds. That is the main attraction and protest.

Some of them were likely tourists snapping photos as a souvenir. The buses in the photos below look like tour buses. Perhaps they were paid protesters bused in to ‘Trump Baby’. No matter how you look at it, the event was a bust.

This is what the hate-Trump NY Daily News wrote:

LONDON — The Diaper Don took flight in London Friday.

Hundreds of protesters packed into Parliament Square to watch “Trump Baby” launch amid demonstrations against the President.

Check out this photo. Does this look like a mass protest?

And here’s another.

The Antifa idiots who concocted the idea are following the President to Scotland, his mother’s birthplace, to fly the balloon over his golf course, and then they are taking it on a world tour. It’s not original and has gotten more publicity than it deserves. It’s one of many, many blimps [It’s actually a balloon, only 19 feet] trashing the President. These foreigners have a lot of nerve insulting our President.

It’s a childish gimmick.

Look at how crazy these people are. They look like pagans.


All of this doesn’t mean there wasn’t a large, bizarre march at all. It’s that the ballon protest fizzled and other so-called spontaneous mass protests did not exist.

There was a large march in London of Planned Parenthood activists, climate change and peace activists, pagan partygoers, and people who hate the U.S. President for no discernible reason.

It was a party of leftists.

Hannity interviewed them. He found their reasons for marching were vague and amorphous. Simply put, they were marching because they got the memo from their leftist leaders. It was more of a party than a march of serious people.

One of Hannity’s guests, former CIA, said there should be an investigation to look into possible Russian influence in the event. Russians are known to do that. They have helped fund many of these anti-American protests.

As Sebastian Gorka said, these are the chattering classes and they have nothing to say. They aren’t the Brexit people.

They say they’re marching against Trump, but they can’t articulate a legitimate complaint.

This article was updated to include the one large march in London. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention it

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