Massachusetts Public School Students Can Pick Their Own Gender


Picking one’s gender regardless of one’s biological makeup is now being reinforced by the Massachusetts public school system. It is obvious that no one should be discriminated against, including students who are confused about their identity, but this goes further.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released a new document which will guide staff in their handling of transgender and gender nonconforming children.

They define transgender and gender nonconforming as follows:

Transgender youth are those whose assigned birth sex does not match their internalized sense of their gender (their “gender-related identity”), and gender nonconforming youth are those whose gender-related identity does not meet the stereotypically expected norms associated with their assigned sex at birth.

Being a transgender or gender non-conformist in Massachusetts is officially normal but I am not sure others will agree.

Whatever gender the child says s/he is, that’s what the staff must accept:

…a school should accept a student’s assertion of his or her gender identity when there is “consistent and uniform assertion of the gender-related identity, or any other evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held as part of a person’s core identity.” If a student’s gender-related identity, appearance, or behavior meets this standard, the only circumstance in which a school may question a student’s asserted gender identity is where school personnel have a credible basis for believing that the student’s gender-related identity is being asserted for some improper purpose.

I’m not sure what ‘consistent and uniform assertion’ means but I am sure a lawyer could make a lot of hay out of it in the case of lawsuits that could arise from this. I don’t know what ‘meets the standard’ means either since there appears to be no standard.

The student can also change his or her mind about his/her identity if s/he has a letter from almost any adult supporting his/her decision.

The students who decide they are of a gender not supported by their biological makeup are to be allowed into the segregated facilities (such as restrooms) of the gender they identify with. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Oh, by the way, parents don’t have to be informed if a student changes his/her gender.

In Sweden, there is a government program for pre-school which treats the children as gender neutral. The school (the Egalia school) doesn’t use pronouns such as “him” or “her” (they made up a new pronoun, “hen”). They emphasize homosexual, transgender, and group marriages in their fairy tales.

From the color and placement of toys to the choice of books, every detail has been carefully planned to make sure the children don’t fall into gender stereotypes.

‘Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing,’ says Jenny Johnsson, a 31-year-old teacher. “Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be…The taxpayer-funded preschool which opened last year in the liberal Sodermalm district of Stockholm for kids aged 1 to 6 is among the most radical examples of Sweden’s efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood onward…Read here: No gender school in Sweden

Will Massachusetts have a non-discriminatory policy for gender-neutral people next?

Once Big Government steps in, the problem of bullying should grow exponentially. Everything they have set up in Massachusetts will cause more issues and they will need more laws. It will be never-ending.

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Guidance for Massachusetts Public Schools
Creating a Safe and Supportive School Environment
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity
by Shane Vander Hart

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