Massive Anti-Gun Push Out of Deep Blue Broward County


The tragedy at Stoneman deserves real solutions. Innocent children and two beloved staff members were slaughtered. To help avoid this very foreseeable murder and some others, a real discussion should take place but it’s not. We are seeing a one-sided reaction from the media and Democrats politicians. They are solely focused on guns. A #NeverAgain rally today echoed the anti-gun demands of the last several days.


Students and parents from Stoneman County and other surrounding areas held a #NeverAgain rally Wednesday, backed by the usual leftists. During the event, parents and students slammed the President, guns, the AR-15, and their favorite whipping boy, the NRA.

The left makes the NRA into an all-powerful demon because they don’t want gun owners to have representation. The NRA donations to candidates can’t compare to those of Planned Parenthood, an organization making a living out of killing the unborn.

One student who spoke today thinks the AR-15’s only purpose is to kill as many people as possible.

The AR-15 is an ordinary rifle, not a so-called assault weapon.

CNN has gone off the rails using the students to push their agenda. Watch this montage.

Juan Williams repeated a frequently-told lie that President Trump eliminated a critical gun rule to keep the mentally ill from obtaining guns. He is talking about a rule that prevented the elderly and our war wounded from getting or keeping guns for the simplest reasons, even needing help doing paperwork.

The left is not talking about the FBI failures, the school’s poor reaction, the police inaction, or the failure of the social service system. They are only talking about guns. We are hearing little about the move by the President to clamp down on those gun laws that might actually make a difference because these people don’t care.

The reason for that is simple. #NeverAgain is actually a Get Out The Vote movement. The youth in this clip is a member of the leftist groups and thinks we are living in an oligarchy.


  1. Let’s not forget where this is; the infamous Broward county where voters are unable to properly cast a ballot with the result being “hanging chads”.

    Also, Fox10 Phoenix shows stories from all over, with far too many car chases, but Broward has been on Fox10 many times, for one particular purpose, news conferences of human trafficking and related crimes resulting is typically Large busts. What Is It with that county. Something surely seems amiss there.

    That channel also show many protests and when I happened to check it there was the usual communist chant, “what do we want…..when do we want it”. Once I hear that I no longer pay ANY attention to what they have to say because it is a sign of mindless delusion.

    What is it with these type of protestors anyway. They will chant a sentence and the crowd repeats in unison. Does this really sound appealing.

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