Massive Cybersecurity Breach Began in March 2014, Letters Going Out Soon



More than 5.6 million fingerprints of government officials were stolen in a massive cybersecurity breach, OPM says. This is a long-running breach that is believed to have started in or about March 2014 and was only picked up in April 2014. We are only being told of the extent of the breach now and many officials haven’t even been notified.

The Office of Personnel Management is the human resources department for the federal government.

The total number of those believed to be caught up in the breaches, which included the theft of the Social Security numbers and addresses of more than 21 million former and current government employees, remains the same.

If Barack Obama spent as much money on cybersecurity as he does on foreign causes and turning the country Socialist, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened.

Victims include intelligence and military employees with security clearances.

If they can hack government servers, they can hack anything.

Other biometric data was also stolen.

There is no way to change a fingerprint to protect yourself. You can’t get new ones. These people can be spoofed for life. Spies are in grave danger.

“The fact that the number [of fingerprints breached] just increased by a factor of five is pretty mind-boggling,” said Joseph Lorenzo Hall, the chief technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology. “I’m surprised they didn’t have structures in place to determine the number of fingerprints compromised earlier during the investigation.”

The sensitive information that the attackers were able to steal also includes social security numbers, names, dates, places of birth and people’s addresses.

How can OPM manage the crisis when it doesn’t even know how many were stolen?

China is widely suspected of being behind the breaches, perhaps as part of move to build a massive database on Americans.

The government hasn’t named them.

The information was released during the Pope’s visit to minimize fallout.

OPM is mailing letters to all affected victims and offering them free credit monitoring. But that identity theft protection, which cost $133 million in wasted tax dollars, can’t possibly address the national security implications of having the fingerprints of high-level federal officials in the hands of hackers who are potentially employed by a foreign enemy government.

The government is playing it down.

OPM press secretary Sam Schumach argued that the impact of the loss of fingerprint data would be minimal. “Federal experts believe that, as of now, the ability to misuse fingerprint data is limited. However, this probability could change over time as technology evolves,” Schumach wrote in a news release.

There is no evidence they know what is going on or what they can do about it. This is an extremely serious breach and it can keep happening. They haven’t even notified victims yet.


  1. Mabey they should have got LifeLock?
    5.6 million fingerprints lost! Last year it was info on all government employees!
    Is there anything they can’t screw up? They are batting a thousand!
    Thank Allah, Hillary’s server was safe!
    Since they are incapable of securing our private and identifying information , I guess we will all have to get chipped!

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