Massive Fail for Mexican President’s Photo Op with Deported Mexicans


An election is coming up next year and President Peña Nieto tried to get a photo op when 135 deported Mexican nationals when they arrived at Mexico City’s airport. It backfired, Breitbart reported.

The deported nationals think Mexico did nothing for them and they plan to come right back illegally.

“You are not alone, do not feel abandoned” Peña Nieto said. “The doors to this, your house, will always be open.”

During his speech, Peña Nieto called Mexico a land of new opportunities as he talked about various programs, new investments, and the support that the newly-deported individuals would be receiving.

“Today there has been the creation of jobs not seen before and there is productive investment,” EPN said.

Unfortunately, the peso has taken a dive and gasoline prices are rising.

“The Mexican consulates in the United States do not do anything for us, they are sending massive airplanes and sending a lot of people,” said one of the deported migrants. “I do not think its fair. No one is there to help on that side nor on this side, we have to do something for our people.”

Pedro Vasquez, another Mexican migrant who was interviewed by various news outlets at the airport, said he would be traveling back to the United States within 15 days and that a wall would not be able to stop him. The 38-year-old man from the Mexican State of Hidalgo had been living in Georgia making about $4,800 a month before his arrest for driving without a license.



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