Massive LGBT Rally at Stonewall to RESIST Executive Orders


There is a massive LGBT rally in New York City Saturday as part of the communist RESIST movement. None of this is really about LGBTs, it’s about leftist ideology just like feminism, abortion and a number of other issues. We need jobs, a better economy, and we need to keep our enemies at bay, people who would behead them.

Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio was egging them on.

The rally is outside Stonewall, which is a gay bar in New York City that was declared a national monument by former president Barack Obama.

The chanting is like that of 3-year old children. It’s scary how idiotic people can be, repeating childish chants like automatons.

Real oppression against gays is when ISIS throws gays off buildings.

How about the Florida imam who says “killing gays is compassionate”?

The UK teacher who tells young children to kill apostates and homosexuals is oppressive.

The Marxist identity politics of the leftists has worked, yet the only person who ran on protecting gays from radical Islam was Donald Trump.

The President’s comments fall on deaf ears. They won’t condemn radical Islamists.

This is what the radicals think of them.

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