Massive Litigation by Illegal Aliens Is Prompted by Cartels and Left-Wing Groups


A massive court filing says illegal aliens being detained are treated badly. Their enablers are the cartels, the left-wing groups (aka Democrats), and the judges.

A phony massive lawsuit by leftists on behalf of illegal aliens claims they suffered bad food, chill and disease. Aliens are complaining [or being told to complain] of bad burritos, cold soups, having to drink water out of toilets, and of catching contagious diseases that have swept through the facilities.

Does anyone seriously believe agents didn’t give them water to drink and only two burritos a day? One alien griped that she has a gluten problem that wasn’t addressed. As for contagious diseases, they are coming in with all manner of illnesses.

These are all people breaking our laws to get into the country.


According to The Washington Times report, a number of parents said in court documents that guards yelled at both them and their children, made fun of their home countries and threatened to deport them. Children, meanwhile, reported that guards would kick them to prevent them from sleeping.

Since some of these individuals are coming in with smart phones, where are the videos?

These aliens are told what to say by the transnational criminals who take them across as well as by the open borders groups and ACLU lawyers.

It’s big business and the U.S. is in league with cartels by allowing it. Cartels make $500 million a year on illegal immigrants. Many of the aliens are forced to act as drug mules.

The lying aliens come in with forged IDs and well-rehearsed complaints. What they are saying is not true. The inspectors found all the facilities up to standards.


A judge has decided to appoint an independent monitor. “It seems like there continue to be persistent problems,” Judge Dolly M. Gee, an enabling judge, said. “I need to appoint an independent monitor to give me an objective viewpoint about what is going on at the facilities.”

She is the one who gave us the Flores settlement that left us with ‘catch and release’.

The 1997 Flores agreement controls the way illegal immigrant juveniles are treated in immigration custody. For nearly two decades, it was deemed to apply only to children who jumped the border without a parent or guardian, but Judge Gee ruled in 2015 that it would, for the first time, also cover children who arrived with parents.

Her ruling meant the juveniles had to be quickly released — and since they were supposed to be released to their parents, that meant releasing the families.

And then, we fly them to wherever they want to go. Sometimes law enforcement are bus drivers, driving them to where they want to go.

Wherever there is a mass action lawsuit, you will find the unAmerican ACLU. The organization will protect open borders policies at all costs, and they admit the leftist agenda comes before civil liberties.

This is madness.

Most of those coming in are men, many are criminals and terrorists. Many of the families are not related, merely put together by the cartels.


Still agents do acknowledge there are struggles and there is a reason for that. In the past, the aliens were usually kept in custody for hours — long enough to be processed.  Then they were quickly returned to Mexico without a formal deportation. It was so quick that Border Patrol agents said it wasn’t uncommon to catch the same guy twice in a nighttime shift.

Beginning late in the Bush administration, the government began to move away from returns. Bush went toward removals, or a formal deportation, that required a longer process in the U.S.

Processing takes much longer now. Many of the illegal aliens are coming from Central America and all over the world. We can’t just send them back to Mexico.

Of the total numbers flooding our borders, 73 percent of the migrants in fiscal year 2017 were male. It’s exactly what goes on in Europe. They are economic migrants, terrorists and transnational gang members.

The invasion will continue.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

A very good booklet to examine is “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra To America” by Ann Cochran. “The magnitude of the disaster being invited is, as Ms. Cochran points out, evident in Western Europe where the results of misguided “multicultural” experiments, lax immigration policies and indifference to assimilation policies has produced entire neighborhoods in many countries that are essentially Muslim ghettos, where shariah prevails, outsiders rarely venture and even police and emergency responders need armed protection to carry their duties.”

5 years ago

alinskyite tactics to overwhelm the system

5 years ago

One cannot trust the Lunatic Left