Massive Protests Break Out In Iran, Chants of, “Death to Khamenei”, “We Will Die for Iran” [Videos]


Massive protests have broken out in Iran, a country of well-educated, once westernized people.

There have been protests in Iran since the inception of the oppressive Iranian regime under Ayatollah Khomenei in 1979. These latest round of protests began North Eastern Iranian city of Mashhad and quickly spread throughout the nation to include: Shahroud, Nousshahr, Birjand, Nishapur, Kermanshah, Yazd, Isfahan, Quchan, Tabriz, Kerman, Sari, Rasht, Ahwaz, Qazvin, Zahedan, Qom, Hamedan, QaemShahr, KhorramAbad.

The last massive movement – the Green movement – was brutally put down by the regime and helped in that by Barack Obama and his policies.

This time it’s different, the State Department and the President have warned Iran about their treatment of the people.

Iranians continually protest for their rights in every area of society but they’ve all come together for this one, according to Iran, Islamic State of Crime.

The Iranian government is very corrupt. Inflation is high, unemployment is at 12.4%, and their money goes to the military and the making of the bomb and ICBMs. Also, the protest leaders of the Green Movement were not released as the radical Rohani promised in two elections.

The Facebook site added:

Also today, Senator Tom Cotton who has been very active and insightful on the Khomeiniist regime’s character, history and behavior struck while the iron was hot and made a concise and thoughtful comment. He called for supporting the Iranian people’s protest against ‘hateful’ Ayatollahs.

Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted as well.Followed by a statement from the State Department’s Heather Nauert, and remarks from Press Secretary Sarah Huckeby[sic] Sanders which read:

This young woman who is waving her hijab has become a symbol.

This profile of her has been dubbed ‘The Statue of Liberty’.

Protesters in Kermanshah chanted “Death to the dictator!”

Yesterday  in Esfahan. Protesters chanted: “Death to Khamenei”

Last night, in the city of Rasht. Throngs of people have blocked the security guards and refuse to allow them to pass by, as they chant: “Death to the Dictator” and “Support us, support us, Security Guards!”

“Not Gaza, not Lebanon, I give my life for Iran”

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