Massive Redistribution Scheme About to Be Launched at the U.N.


Ban Ki Moon
Ban Ki Moon

Update: Unsurprisingly, it was passed unanimously Friday.

A massive redistribution scheme is being launched by the U.N. members including Barack Obama, but the media has ignored it. The UN’s “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” is aimed at redistributing U.S. wealth and that of other “rich” nations to the world to eradicate poverty in 15 years, educate the world and change the climate.

It’s the update to the last 15 year Millennium Development Goals but the difference this time is we have a president who is committed to redistribution and climate change extremism. He can also use this to push his own agenda.

Pope Francis is addressing this agenda with his speech Friday though he isn’t signing on to some portions of it such as abortion, gender equality and sections that affect the family.

The U.N. plans to “transform our world for the better by 2030.” These are the dictators and socialists of the world who want our money and resources.

The document, Sustainable Development – the United Nations, preamble states, this Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity that also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. All countries acting in collaborative partnership will implement the Agenda.

The sustainable agreement our president is going to sign on to isn’t simply a climate change plan, it’s education, poverty, and every single aspect of our lives. They plan to implement it through local and state governments to get it in place quickly and irrevocably.

Sustainable Development Goals_E_Final sizes

“Tomorrow is a historic day. The world will unite around a universal and transformative Agenda to guide development efforts to 2030,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said.

“Developed countries are committing to act not only through their development cooperation, but also through domestic plans and policies,” he told the ministers ahead of the three-day summit being held with the context of the UN General Assembly’s 70th annual General Debate.

“It demands to enhance the productive capacity in developing countries, especially in the least developed countries. It addresses the preservation of the planet and the fight against climate change.”

“The new programme, Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development consists of a Declaration, 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets, a section on means of implementation and renewed global partnership, all seeking to build on and expand the eight Millennium Development Goals adopted at a UN summit in 2000.

“Mr. Ban stressed that the Agenda focuses on growth and decent employment, while .ensuring the preservation of the planet and the fight against climate change, taking into account the complexity and interconnected nature of today’s most vexing challenges.

“The Group of 77 and China has played an extremely important role in shaping this agenda. I am sure you will sustain the same enthusiasm and idealism as we move to implementation,” Mr. Ban said, committing the full support of the entire UN System. “You need to act in your countries to build awareness and commitment to this agenda.”


Why isn’t the media talking about this?

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jack listerio
jack listerio
7 years ago

America is BANKRUPT…………You cant squeeze blood out of a rock. Everybodys working 3 jobs just to get a 40 hour week. Over half of college grads are only making 25 grand a year the same as a high school grad.

Donny damage
Donny damage
7 years ago

And now we know why there are after our 2nd amendment!
Good luck with that.o

Jeffery Lanham
Jeffery Lanham
7 years ago

y’all think you can flood the USA and then call for a Genocides y’all are wrong the UN IS NOT GOING TO WALK ALL OVER THE USA WE WILL SEND A LOT TO HELL