Massive Spending Bill Includes Military Pension Cuts



I know, let’s balance the budget with their pensions!

Congress is spending more than $1.1 trillion with this latest omnibus spending bill, which is 1,582 pages long. It’s very likely that no one has read it. The one thing we do know that is in it are the cuts to military pensions with only one small adjustment for the disabled.

The outline of the spending bill can be found at the House news.

The House passed the massive bill by a vote of 359 to 67 on Wednesday, keeping the cuts to the cost of living adjustments in military retirees’ pensions.

An average cut is equivalent to a staff sergeant losing $85,000 over the course of his retirement.

The vote: 193 Democrats and 166 Republicans. Sixty-four Republican members voted against the bill, joined by three Democrats.

Congress repealed the 1% reduction in the COLA for disabled retirees and exempted participants in the Survivors Benefit program, who account for 17.5% of the military, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Congress doesn’t think it’s a big deal, they say the military can get another job after they retire. Why don’t we do this for Congress then? Let’s cut their pay and tell them they can get another job. They have no problem spending $1.1 trillion but they have trouble spending $6 billion to honor a commitment made to our military.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) represents more than 270,000 veterans and civilian supporters. They say that a promise has been broken to the men and women in uniform who signed up thinking they were eligible for a set amount of benefits.

Please go to the IAVA website and sign the petition.