Matt Drudge Might Have Sold Drudge Report or Just Sold Out

8 is leaning left of late and there may be a good reason for it. Rumor has it that Matt Drudge isn’t there any longer since he sold the site.

None of this is good for conservatives.

There are alternatives. Dan Bongino has the (boring so far), there is, Liberty Daily, Gab Trends, PolitiPage, Rantingly, NewsAmmo, and The Citizen Free Press.

Did Drudge sell or sell out or both?

Citizen Free Press is run by one of Lou Dobbs’ former producers. Whatfinger is run by three military service members, former and current.

Rasmussen Reports tweeted in response to Citizen Free Press asking the question, “We don’t think Matt is there anymore, CFP. Word is he sold, just waiting for confirmation. Now that will be a story…”

Back in August, Buzzfeed News mentioned Drudge was making major changes to his advertising. That likely had a purpose.

Some are reporting that Matt Drudge has moved left politically to please his new owners. Allegedly, he signed up with Google recently. Google had purchased his father’s website, RefDesk.

Others say a former Weekly Standard writer — a never Trumper — bought Drudge Report.

Wikipedia writes: Daniel Halper is an American political writer. In 2017, he became an editor for the Drudge Report where he has steered the news-site in an Anti-Trump direction.[1] He previously served as the online editor of the cosmopolitan, country-club conservative news publication The Weekly Standard[2] and is the author of an unflattering 2014 biography[3] of the Clinton family titled Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine.

No matter what the truth, DrudgeReport no longer has anything to offer a conservative. It’s definitely not the same. It’s boring to say the least.




  1. This is a shame. I liked Drudgereport because it was balanced, drawing stories from a variety of sources. But, I too noticed for quite a while almost all stories about Trump were from left wing sources and now Drudge has a tracking poll from biased fake news MSN. My main alternatives to Drudge are, and

  2. I quit Drudge Report about 6 weeks ago because I noticed the balance was shifting very left. I check back every now and then and it’s still definitely going left. My alternative I’ve settled in on, mostly is whatfinger.

  3. Drudge Report used to be my first stop when I turned on my computer each morning. It was the home page on my browser. I stopprd going there several weeks ago. Nothing for me. I hope whoever bought it didn’t pay too much.

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