Matt Drudge Senses “Danger” for Trump, “Something Is Not Right”


Matt Drudge joined Michael Savage on his show Friday and expressed his concern about the Trump administration. When he was in D.C., he “sensed something is not right” and he sees danger for Donald Trump.

Very alarming to the right-wing, Drudge pointed out that Hillary would only need a million more votes should she choose to run again and wonders if a million more illegal immigrants will have entered the country by 2020.

Drudge likes Trump, wants Trump to return to the full Trump, and instead of tweeting, he should sit down with Oprah.

Trump was dealt a very bad hand, he said as we know. The President lives in D.C., a place where the highest number of people voted against him. Rasmussen is showing danger for Donald Trump and that’s not fake. Drudge thinks Trump should just go to work and doesn’t need to be out saying something every day.

Drudge wants Trump to be Trump and stop following the guidance of Beltway Republicans who mean him harm.

Matt Drudge Says If Hillary Runs Again She Only Needs a Million More Votes

Drudge told Mike Savage on his radio show: “Do you know what’s happening here? People are nervous. It could go back to Hillary. You know, she looks like she’s running again.”

All she needs, he said, is a million more votes next time.

“Have there been a million more illegals that will come in and sneak the vote since the election?” he asked.

Drudge wondered whether or not Melania Trump and their son Barron moving into the White House will “soften Trump’s edges,” noting Nancy Reagan was regarded as the “secret” behind Ronald Reagan.


Drudge Says Trump “Is One of the Most Fascinating Americans That Has Ever Lived”

Drudge said the establishment media was “going under,” ratings-wise, before Trump began his run for the White House.

“Trump has saved the media,” he said.

Drudge said he liked “Donald, the man,” even before he ran.

“He is one of the most fascinating Americans that has ever lived, in the modern era,” Drudge said of Trump.

“He is a throwback. You talk about old school. He’s old school.”

Drudge said Trump’s personality is not being fully used.

“The charm. The guy who ran the hotel. The guy who had a number one TV show with ‘The Apprentice,” he explained.

“Charisma is needed in this job. This isn’t just getting a bill through Congress. This is charisma. So, I wish they would let him return to Donald Trump, the full Donald Trump.”

What about the tweeting every day? Savage asked.

“I think he thinks it’s fun,” Drudge said.

Savage pressed: “What do you think?”

Drudge hesitated, then said, “Twitter to me — I don’t do much of it, because I don’t think the audience is that large. It’s feeding the junkies. So, to me it’s a broader thing,” he said.


Drudge Is Concerned, Senses “Something Is Not Right”

Drudge is no favn of Washington, D.C. and the last time he was there “he couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

“Nonstop sirens, nonstop bomb threats. Very strange feeling in the air. I grew up in D.C. It was never like that,” he said. “A sense of, ‘Something is not right.’”

He noted that the pollster Rasmussen, who “got it right” in the November election, “is showing danger for Trump.”

“I don’t think that’s fake. I think he is showing danger,” Drudge said.


“Donald Trump Has Been Dealt a Very Bad Hand Here”

Referring to the failed Republican health-care bill, Drudge said, “I think attacking the Freedom Caucus was calculated to get something through the House.

“That still doesn’t mean he can get it through the Senate. You’ve got McCain, who is going to block. You’ve got Lindsey Graham, who is going to block,” he said.

“So, Donald Trump has been dealt a very bad hand here,” Drudge said.

Drudge said he thought Trump should disappear for a while.

“Since when did a president become someone who was in your face daily?” he asked.

“I wish he would just go to work, behind the scenes.”

Since Bill Clinton, he said, a president has had to be in the public eye every day, part of the pop culture, and Obama “took it to new heights.”

“I don’t think President Trump needs to be out front, every day, saying something,” Drudge said.

“I think we would respect him if he got serious things done, and the end result, you judge the tree by the fruit.”

Drudge thinks Congress could be trying to take Trump down.

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