Matt Gaetz Grills Al Sharpton about His Past Racist, Anti-Semitic Rants


Rep. Matt Gaetz questioned Al Sharpton about his past racist, anti-Semitic comments. Rep. Nadler gave his full-throated support to Sharpton and both he and Hank Johnson called the question an attack.

Gaetz didn’t let him off the hook as he confronted him about his racist and anti-Semitic past.

Here’s another clip:


He believes in “offing the pigs.”




  1. Al Sharpton is the lowest POS to ever live in the world. Now he says, I’m sorry and the Brown shirts in the Democratic party oh, that okay. We forgive you. You can say anything you wants Al, because of the color of your skin. Never mind the content of your character.

  2. Al not-so-Sharpton is a piece of slime. He owes millions in back taxes he has never paid. Why isn’t he in jail. I would be if I did not pay my taxes.

  3. Thank you Rep. Matt Gaetz for exposing this racist bigot to the public, a lot of young people don’t know this clowns past, I doubt we will hear Morning Joe Blow even mention what you brought up about what he said about this bigot in the past.

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