Matthews Says President’s Using the Language of “Murderers”


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews claims the President is using the language of murderers by aptly describing the illegals pouring through our porous borders, invaders. Matthew’s rhetoric is the language that needs to be toned down. The new Democrats are gaslighting all of us. It’s not wrong to call people breaking into the country ‘invaders’.

In what world aren’t people invaders when they come in armed, in groups of thousands, with cartels, funded possibly by Latin American Communist countries, and with the idea that they will violate our laws?

Apparently, that is the world of Chris Matthews and MSNBC.

Yes, many of these people are fleeing violence and corruption. That, however, does not necessarily make them refugees. We do know criminals are among them and who knows who else. All the President wants is an orderly, lawful system of immigration, one that follows the rule of law.

Apparently, it is not what Democrats want.

Border Patrol said these large groups, euphemistically called caravans by the left, are coming in constantly. We are on target to reach 1.75 million illegal aliens this year. We already let 3 million people into the country legally.

If they don’t have time to assimilate because of the influx, we will lose our culture.

The border surge is the worst since 2011 and the net cost for each illegal immigrant has risen to $70,000 per alien, seven times the cost of deporting them.

It is matching the historic high of 1.75 million which took place in 1999.

Watch Matthews Spew Hateful Language:

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