Maxine Accidentally Reveals the Democrat Plan to Oust the President


Nancy Pelosi has suggested that she is equal to the President and she behaves as if she is. Socialist Maxine Waters suggested in a recent interview that he won’t be President much longer.

Maxine is now head of the House Financial Services Committee and moronic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been chosen to handle a committee overseeing banks and financial entities.

How much evidence do people need that Democrats are Socialists now? Perhaps Maxine’s talk with Neera Tanden will provide more proof.


Creating Chaos While Looking Like the Good Guys

Chair Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) spoke with Soros’s buddy and President of the looney Center for American Progress Neera Tanden. During the conversation, she accidentally revealed the Democrat plan to oust the President and made it clear why they won’t negotiate.

Tanden asked Waters how she will protect consumers from another financial crisis. Ironically, Waters and her buddies were partly responsible for the crisis when they demanded mortgages be given to people who could ill afford them.

“This administration has demonstrated that that’s not something they care about. That’s not on their agenda,” Waters said. “So simply by introducing the legislation from my side of this committee will be new and refreshing.”

“We’re not relying on this administration for much of anything,” Waters said, adding that she would work with Republicans who want to work with them. In other words, Republicans who will do everything she wants.

They don’t negotiate.

Mad Max Has the Gavel

“But of course if they don’t, I have the gavel. So we’re going to introduce our legislation, we’re going to take it to the floor, and we’re going to get it passed. We’re going to do everything that we can to work very closely with the Senate,” Waters said to Tanden’s cackling.

Waters then told Tanden that she believes some Senate Republicans will support these bills and help get them passed.

“And then we’re going to send it to whoever [sic] is president at the time,” Waters said to Tanden’s hysterical laughter, much like that of a witch.

Democrats are causing all the chaos, attempting to peel off Republican support for the President, and then blaming the Republicans for the chaos.  They have the media, so it shouldn’t be too hard to do. Usually, Republicans cave by now, but the President has kept them from folding so far.

They Cause the Chaos And Claim the President Is Dysfunctional

Maxine continued, and this is key. “We have a dysfunctional White House. They cannot be depended on…At some time, even those who are standing with the President are going to have to walk away because even with the shutdown, [they] have said over and over again, many of these people who have supported him, it’s going to be hard for them to stick with them when they can’t pay the rent, when the car’s repossessed, when the children need shoes…they’re going to have to realize that they have to do something different.”

So, you see, Maxine and her leftist buddies will let people lose their homes before they negotiate. They don’t care about the border or Americans. All that matters is deposing the President and the Republican agenda.

Pelosi gave this woman the gavel over Wall Street knowing she is a Socialist.

Democrats will never give him the money. They have no incentive to do it. The polling is working on their behalf.

Deal With the Left, They Won’t Give In

Perhaps this next idea from Dennis Michael Lynch would work.

Pelosi tried to pull a fast one today and disinvited the President from the State of the Union. She claims they don’t have the proper security because of the shutdown. He should call her bluff, open the government, and spend hours at the State of the Union delivering the facts, with videos, with supporters, with statistics and video, and explain what is happening on the border. He can say he opened the government because he cares about the people.

What do you think?


Maxine has already said she will take over all their businesses. She is not a liberal, she’s a Socialist.

He can’t let them win and they will never give in.


The left will do anything to overturn the election. Someone with money put out a fake Washington Post newspaper with articles discussing the end of the presidency. It cost big bucks to do this.

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