Maxine Blames the President for Unproven Attack on Jussie Smollett

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) blamed President Trump for an alleged hate crime attack against ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett. She made her comments during an interview with The Giro on Tuesday.

Smollett was allegedly attacked by two men who put a noose around his head, yelling “this is MAGA country.” The attack took place in a liberal area surrounded by liberal areas. The police cannot find any evidence to corroborate Smollett’s story.

Maxine is blaming Trump!

“I know Jussie. I love him. His family’s a friend of mine. I know his sisters, I know his mom, and I called already to Jazz, one of the sisters, to talk to her about what’s happening, about what’s going on,” Waters told The Giro.

Waters continued to praise Smollett for his work in the community.

“I’m pleased that he’s doing okay. But we have to understand this is happening for a reason. Why all of a sudden do we have people unable to study while black, unable to mow a lawn while black, unable to have picnic while black, and being attacked?” Waters said.

The ole dog whistle nonsense!

It didn’t take long for Mad Max to find a way to blame the alleged attack on Trump.

“It’s coming from the president of the United States. He’s dog whistling every day. He’s separating and dividing, and he’s basically emboldening those folks who feel this way.”

“When I heard about what had happened to Jussie, and I heard they put a rope around him, and they poured bleach on him and stuff, I was absolutely, very upset. So I’m feeling better that he’s okay, and I am looking forward to seeing him,” Waters concluded.




  1. interesting! suggestion that this assault story may not be true? no evidence according to police? now that maxine’s closely involved raises significant questions–collusion? Is maxine considered the most corrupt in congress? Tough to choose one–so many there

  2. Trump supporters attacking folks while in liberal country? Now that’s putting an S on your chest to say the least. Somali and Muslim refugees attacked a lot of people in parks, and some were picnicking in Ca., however, not a peep from Maxine. No, I have not forgotten about those and more incidents around the country.

  3. so fake,….you have to be intellectually helpless to buy this!!
    minus 75 and some black is going outside at 2AM?

    • Not only hanging around outside, but carrying a bottle of bleach and a length of cord. Occam’s Razor says that Smollett propositioned the wrong guy and got beat up, then called his agent to conjure up an excuse for his boss. “What can we use? Got any bleach in the laundry room? Any clothesline? Bingo!”

  4. “His family’s a friend of mine.” Maxine is supposedly a lawyer. Can someone explain how she was able to obtain a college degree as well as a law degree from a legitimate law school based on her consistent misuse of the English language?

    She and her husband engaged in illegal behavior with regard to a bank, so how is it that she has been made the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee?

  5. Maxine – if she was a normal person, would be very embarrassed when the evidence reveals that his story is total bullcrap. No one who has a rope put around their neck by attackers, would not immediately remove it when the threat is over. Apparently he left it on.

  6. This will be just another allegedly racist attack by Whitey on a Black man (or woman) that the victim will eventually admit didn’t happen. But the left will still be banging their drums claiming “well, it could happen.” Again, the stats are over 90% of Blacks who are murdered were murdered by other Blacks, over 60% of Whites murdered are murdered by Blacks and I’m sure those stats cross over to assaults. So by the stats, if anybody assaulted this Black guy (and I’m betting nobody did) there is a 90% chance it was another Black guy.

  7. Just another racist anti-white made up media story.If at first you don’t succeed (Covington anyone) try, try again.

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