Maxine, Dems New Message – It’s Your Fault Losers!


Democratic “rock star”, Maxine Waters, has come up with the answer as to why people are switching parties to support Donald Trump. Democrats love it. She says they stick with Trump because he has made them believe somebody else is responsible for their problems. He convinces them it’s not their fault, she said.

Mark Steyn says it’s a great message for Maxine and the Democrats – it’s your fault, losers.

Steyn wonders how her life in public service made her a multi-millionaire as he provides an answer to her superficial beliefs.

We wonder how this ditsy old auntie is still a congresswoman. It’s embarrassing.

  • Maxine Waters is why stupid people should not be allowed to vote. She is what gets elected over and over.They keep re-electing her even though she doesn’t even live in the district, instead living in a multi-million dollar mansion away from the voters!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What are the Republicans doing wrong? They have the presidency, control both houses, have a majority on the Supreme Court, and hold a majority of govenors’ seats, and finally, picked up hundreds of seats in state legislatures. Who’s the losers?